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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Preview ‘We All Fall Down’

The season 2 premier of Fear
the Walking Dead certainly kicked off
with a bang… literally. Bombs were
dropping all over Los Angeles,
pushing the
dead out towards the beach and into our new group of

because they
finally took to the water, certainly doesn’t stop the danger from
them. Thanks to Alicia being a
little too chatty with a faceless voice
over the CB, looks like the Abigail
will have some visitors in the
next episode.
Not only that, but the group finds some land, a crashed plane,
and a whole lotta



Is that Nick
on the beach covered in blood? Looks a little Lord of
Flies, don’t you
think? I bet Travis will have a field
day with that one. Also
worth noticing, it looks as though maybe Alicia and
Chris have to make their

first walker kill. Maybe between that, and the arrival of the Pirate boat

that’s gunning for them,
Alicia will get an idea of how serious their situation
is and just how far
the world has already gone from

curious to know what situation causes the group back
on the boat minus Strand.
the promo Daniel seems ready to leave without Abigail’s owner, which may not

be the best idea. Because, and
I will say this until proven otherwise, Strand is
currently the smartest man
alive at the moment. They need
him. He may need them
too, and hopefully we will know to what end, but for
now… they definitely need

him around.


Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2

the Walking Dead 2×02 “We All Fall Down”
airs on Sunday, April
17th at 9/8C on AMC.

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