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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ New Clip Shows What Happened to Luciana

Published on May 18th, 2017 | Updated on May 18th, 2017 | By FanFest

The premiere of Fear The Walking Dead is fast approaching and if you are a fan like me, then you want to know the answers to season 2’s cliffhangers.

If you have been watching and paying attention to recently released images and trailers, you already have some answers. We know that the group will find refuge somewhere. We know that Nick and Madison are reunited. We know that Strand will get mixed up with some not-so-friendly friends. And we know that they will be fighting of the dead at every turn. But what about what we don’t know?

What happens to Ofelia? How does Nick, Luciana and the rest of La Colonia escape the military ambush at the border crossing? What does Strand do…wait, let me re-phrase that, What doesn’t Strand do to piss that group off?

A newly released clip of episode 301 may give us a clue to one of our questions. Being shot in the attack, the clip shows Nick and Luciana fleeing from the militia. Even though she is still alive, she seems to be in a lot of pain from her wound and she feels that she is weighing them down. She chooses to tell Nick to leave her behind to which Nick refuses.

Check out the exclusive clip from AMC below:



After season 2 wrapped up, showrunner Dave Erickson shared in an interview, that there will be a famale villain gaining power in the upcoming season. I am so intrigued because I haven’t seen in any of the trailers or images, any sign of a ‘female’ villain.

We will get the answers to all our questions when AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead returns for Season 3 on June 4th with a two-hour premiere.

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