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‘Fear the Walking Dead’: “La Serpiente” [Recap]

Published on September 19th, 2017 | Updated on September 19th, 2017 | By FanFest

“Dissatisfaction breeds dissent. Dissent leads to revolt.”

~Victor Strand


Reunited, may not feel so good. Especially for Madison and Victor as they get closer to the dam. Along with Taqa, who, I might add is still salty about Madison using his gold to free Strand, we pick up where the last episode of Fear the Walking Dead left off. But what will happen when Madison is reunited with Daniel? She believed, like everyone else, that he burned in the fire at Abigail’s hacienda. Will she tell him about Ofelia? What will he do when he finds out the Strand is still alive and if Madison tells him about Ofelia, how will he react realizing that his daughter turned out to be just like him? As they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Here we go!

“La Serpiente” Episode 03×11

Victor, Madison and Taqa are headed towards the dam when they encounter a pileup on the highway with a horde of infected fast approaching. Taqa snaps at Victor asking, “what have you gotten us into?” Victor replies, “Jesus saves” and takes out a beeping car alarm control from his pocket and throws it out onto the shoulder of the highway. The distracted infected head towards the sound giving them the chance to push through the cars.

With the infected still close behind, Victor leads them to a junk car lot where there is a faster route to the dam, through the sewers. Taqa pleads that there must be a better way but Madison lays in, telling him that if there was, Victor would have found it. His way is shorter and they need the water. If Taqa wants to go back empty handed, it would be his choice. He gives in and joins the other two into the sewers.

Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

Of course being in a closed confined space with little options for escape can never be good. Eventually, the labyrinth of sewer tunnels confuses Victor and they become lost. Moving forward, they come upon a tunnel full of infected and they backtrack. A frustrated Taqa decides to go his own way while Madison continues to follow Strand. Strand admits that he is lost and is looking for a symbol used by the proctors that will lead them straight to the dam, an open eye. He also tells Madison that Daniel is at the dam and how he’s still bitter towards him. Madison asks what he did and he responds that he used Ofelia as bait but when he discovered that he was lying, Daniel left him for the dead. She tells him that she can make good on his promise because Ofelia is alive and living on the ranch. Now he has a bargaining chip to offer Daniel or at least make some kind of amends. He finally finds one of the symbols he had been searching for and they head in that direction rejoining Taqa who warns them that infected are coming their way.

Having to crawl through sewage and sludge, they eventually are cut off by a bloated infected blocking the sewage pipe. Backtracking is not an option so Madison decides that the only way out is to kill it and remove the body, piece by piece. Did I say that it was blocking the pipe? Because as soon as they loosen the body a bit, more sewage comes pouring through…EW!

While all this is going on underground, Daniel, Efrain and another dam worker, are speeding away from the angry citizens in need of water. Apparently, even after the attack on Lola, she is still willing to help the townspeople but they want more. As they are escaping, the people fire at the water truck and Daniel fires back. Daniel worries that the people will revolt against Lola and attack the dam. Lola is adamant to help the people. Efrain warns Daniel that he will tell Lola that Daniel shot at the people first.

While arriving at the dam, Daniel notices movement. He shoots and we hear a body hit the ground. Approaching, he is astonished to see that it is Victor. Daniel aims at him just as Madison appears from the sewage pipe. She tells him that they thought he had died in the fire and he tells her that he is better. He asks for Ofelia and she confirms that she’s alive. An emotional Daniel asks how he can trust them when they are with an a**hole like Strand. She also tells him that Victor wasn’t lying about Ofelia leaving but that she was found in the desert by Taqa who saved her and took her in. She tells him that they need his help and are in need of water.

Daniel asks to speak to Lola first. While inside with Lola, Madison assures Taqa that Daniel will help them because of their history. Taqa is unconvinced. Lola greets them and Madison explains their water situation and is willing to trade for cattle, fuel or guns. Lola sympathizes with their needs but states that they don’t have any water to spare. A surprised Madison argues that they have an entire lake but Lola firmly tells her that they have no water for “them”. Madison warns her to consider her options because they know that Daniel was just attacked. Lola holds firm but lets them stay the night.

Lola and Daniel talk about whether or not he believes that they know where Ofelia is. He tells her that he has no reason not to believe Madison because she has never lied to him before. She tells him that she needs to know whether or not he is planning to stay or leave to be with her. He tells her that Ofelia thinks he’s dead and perhaps it’s better that way. He made a promise to Lola and plans on keeping it.

Taqa and Victor discuss what will happen if Madison doesn’t make the deal. They were about to trade for water which she sacrificed to save Victor. So if the new deal falls through, the Nation will force the ranchers off the ranch because the Nation would come first. Victor asks about her, Nick and Alicia to which Taqa replies that while they are back in the desert, he hopes she doesn’t regret her decision to save Strand.

Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

Madison confronts Lola about her decision not to help them. Madison tells her that she knows it’s not about the amount of water but that she is aware that if Lola makes a trade with the “gringos”, there would be bloodshed. Lola confirms. Madison tells her that there will be bloodshed no matter what her choices are and that a leader sometimes has to show force to gain respect. Madison pleads with her to reconsider. Lola responds that she knows Madison is trying to save her children but that she is trying to save her city. Lola offers for her to bring Nick, Alicia and Ofelia to stay at the dam where they can work and be safe. She tells Lola that it’s impossible for a leader to do right by everyone.

Victor helps tend to the shot dam worker while fishing for information regarding the attacks. Efrain tells Victor Daniel is paranoid that the people will plot a takeover. He is there to keep Lola’s mind clear from Daniel’s paranoia. Victor tells him that just because he doesn’t want Daniel’s paranoia to be right, doesn’t make him wrong. That when people are dissatisfied, this will lead to dissent and eventually revolt. Efrain confirms that even though some people want chaos, violence will lead to more violence. He wants Lola to let the people have as much water as they want. Victor warns that eventually, it will dry up. Efrain says that it too much power for any one person to have.

Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

Daniel stops to thank Taqa for saving Ofelia and asks what she does at the ranch. Taqa tells him that she walks beside him as a soldier. This seems to disturb Daniel who states that he didn’t raise her to be a soldier. Taqa tells him that they consider her a hero and Daniel asks why. Taqa tells him about their plans to attack the ranch and Ofelia gaining the trust of the ranchers and poisoning them. He tells him that she saved a lot of lives to which Daniel replies, “by taking others?”

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Victor and Madison talk about Lola’s offer for them to stay at the ranch. Victor tells her that maybe she is not meant to stay there and at the dam, they wouldn’t have to worry about water. She argues that it isn’t safe and will never be as long as Lola isn’t willing to defend it. She worries about what might happen if she can’t make the deal and Victor reassures her that she always manages to find a way to keep her family safe. Victor asks her to think about what she wants for a change and to take her kids out of the equation for a moment. She tells him that she doesn’t want to be anywhere else but at the ranch because that’s what she knows. She asks the same of Victor and he responds that all he wants is a future where he doesn’t fail his friends.

Just when he pushes you away with his selfishness, he pulls you right back in…Dammit, Strand!

The next day, Lola and Daniel are disagreeing on whether to return to the town where they were attacked or not. She feels that it’s important to try again and he thinks it’s a bad idea. Daniel tries to make her understand that if it’s not that town, it will be another that will attack. Lola believes that one day the people will see their good intentions. Daniel argues that a few people may see that but out of the few that don’t, there lies the problem. Without guns and ammo, he won’t be able to keep her safe. She asks if what Efrain tells her is true regarding him attacking the people first. He denies it. She says that the people are scared of him and he says that they should be. That first the people will attack them in the streets and then in their home. She gives Daniel an ultimatum. If he doesn’t believe in her motives them maybe he should leave, but if he plans to stay, then he must obey…hey, that rhymes!

Daniel notices Victor plotting something in his head as he looks at workers fueling up a water tanker. Victor denies that he is doing or thinking anything. Daniel tells him that whatever he has going on in that serpent mind of his, if they were to bother benefit from the outcome, Daniel would look the other way, but if not, he will have him in his sights. Victor’s serpent wheels continue to turn.

Madison confronts Taqa as he is about to leave to head back to the ranch. He reminds her of the deal she made with him about securing water. Since she was not able to make a deal with Lola, he considers that as lying to him. Not willing to give up, she pleads with him not to cast out the ranchers. He walks away.

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As Madison reaches Victor so they can head back to the ranch, Victor stops her as the water tanker explodes. The gates are blown open and infected enter. From the look she gives Victor, she knows he’s responsible. After killing the infected Daniel pleads with Lola to open her eyes to see that the townspeople attacked them even though he also knows it was really Strand. She notices angry townspeople marching up the hill chanting “down with the water queen.” This is what Daniel needed to finally make her believe him.

Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

She asks how much guns and ammo are needed and Daniel writes a figure down, She hands it to Madison and asks her if they can provide it and she agrees. Lola asks how much water they will need and answers that 10,000 gallons are needed weekly until the rain comes and a tanker for now as a gesture of good faith. Lola agrees and tells her that the first drop-off will be in 5 days. She also requests that she wants Ofelia to be at the drop-off. Madison agrees. An emotional Daniel nods in silence.

Madison and Victor get ready to depart. Daniel warns Madison to watch out for Strand. While on the road, She asks Victor how he blew up the tanker. After telling her it was an accident and her not buying his story, he tells her it was a trick he saw in a movie. She thanks him as they approach Taqa walking on the highway. They stop and ask if he’s thirsty. He remains silent, smiles and joins them.

WOW…for once, a happy ending. At least for now, or until the next episode. It will be interesting to see how Strand will adapt to his new surroundings at the ranch and being reunited with his old pal Nick. How will Ofielia react when she finds out her father is still alive and at the dam? Will she stay or will she go? And since we see the return of Troy in next week’s preview, is Nick really talking to him or is he still hallucinating visions of Troy because of the guilt he feels after killing Jeremiah?

What are your questions or predictions for episode 03×12? Ask or tell in the comments below.

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