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Fear The Walking Dead: Flashback To The Beginning Of The Apocalypse In 6×14 Opening Minutes! See Teddy Deal With Prison!

Published on May 21st, 2021 | Updated on May 21st, 2021 | By FanFest

Fear The Walking Dead has another episode coming this Sunday, and this one looks pretty excited! It’s a flashback to the beginning of the apocalypse. This is about three years before the current events happening in Fear The Walking Dead season 6.

In the present day John Dorie Sr. is going to partner with June and Morgan in order to take down Teddy once and for all. This episode will also have him meeting Dakota for the first time, which should be interesting.

In this flashback clip though, the zombie apocalypse is just beginning! We witness the prison that Teddy is being held in overrun by walkers, leading to him becoming free. Don’t take my word for it, check out the opening minutes of the episode below!

“He’s very Charles Manson-like, in terms of his hypnotic power over his cult,” Carradine told CinemaBlend about Dorie Sr’s archnemesis, Theodore Maddox. “But that’s the nature of cults in general, isn’t it? I mean, these personalities have undue influence over people who might have a particular weakness to be influenced in that way. I think John Dorie Sr.’s weakness, if he has one in particular, would be his passion to solve a crime and to prevent the criminal from going on.”

“It’s an obsessive ask,” added Carradine, “and I think that obsession is what has been so damaging to him. But it’s interesting now that at this point in his life, he might actually have connected with somebody, and with a group of people — as we learn by the end of [‘J.D.’] — who can help him actually complete this task.”

What’s really scary is that he might have a new recruit in Dakota. Dakota isn’t exactly a favorite right now, since she just recently killed John Dorie. We learned about his crimes in last week’s episode, and here’s what a newspaper clipping said.

Theodore Maddox has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole in a Galveston courtroom Thursday. He had previously been found guilty in the deaths of twenty-two women and for trespassing on a local military base. This caps the end of a killing spree that terrorized much of southeast Texas and embarrassed authorities, led by detective John Dorie, up and down the Gulf. … Despite the sheer number of victims, authorities had difficulty producing the evidence required to convict Maddox. His methods of embalming his victims left little in the way of DNA with which to convict … the damning piece of evidence was a purse belonging to Cindy Hawkins, a waitress at Delphi’s Country Cookin’, which was found in Maddox’s home by Dorie. Miss Hawkins is still considered missing, but presumed dead.

What did you think of the beginning of the apocalypse? Excited to see Teddy’s plan? Let us know in the comments!

Unless you have AMC+ you can catch Fear The Walking Dead this Sunday on AMC.

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