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Fear The Walking Dead: Could The New Villain Be John Dorie’s Old Serial killer?

Published on April 20th, 2021 | Updated on April 20th, 2021 | By FanFest

Fear The Walking Dead is done with the whole Virginia arc! Now that the threat of Virginia is over, it’s time to introduce a new one, isn’t it? Well, the fans are working in overtime to try and figure out who the new threat may be. Fans’ vigilance and comments made by people working on the show have led some people to a pretty crazy conclusion. During this season John Dorie once described a serial killer his father had put away before the zombies ever showed up. This might seem crazy to some, but honestly, it might actually add up. COULD the new villain be John Dorie’s old serial killer? Well, only time will tell but until we know for sure theorizing sure can be fun!

Fear The Walking Dead: Could The New Villain Be John Dorie's Old Serial killer?
Credit: Elizabeth Weinberg/AMC

Andrew Chambliss, co-showrunner, had this to say to Entertainment Weekly, “I’ll just say the entire season is fascinating. I think people should go back and look at what John Dorie has said in the first half of the season, because it will offer a clue as to one of the big threats in the back half of the season.”

Well, when you look at that it starts adding up if you ask me. Here’s a reminder to what Dorie said, “Women were going missing in the Houston area. Bodies showing up miles away. The term didn’t exist then, but I suppose the fella doin’ it is what we’d call a serial killer. Detectives found him living on this compound out in the desert with a bunch of people he brainwashed into thinking he was the second coming or somethin’. Really, he was just some two-bit mortician spouting on about death and new beginnings … just a bunch of nonsense dressed up to sound profound.

I think it definitely could be that serial killer! What do you guys think? Could that really be the new villain? Let us know in the comments!


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