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‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Recap: Alicia Battles her Fear

Published on August 20th, 2018 | Updated on August 20th, 2018 | By FanFest

Last night’s Fear The Walking Dead was based solely around Alicia and another cloud that is actually now following her around.

Alycia Debnam-Carey gave a dark and raw performance on this week’s episode, called Close Your Eyes. If you are an Alicia fan, this was probably one of your favorites. It was a very impressive job by her and also by Alexa Nisenson, who plays young Charlie, Alicia’s biggest demon.

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The episode was accented with a brewing hurricane-ish storm that brought walkers flinging and whipping through the air, which was really silly to see!

Alicia finds an abandoned home in the woods and brought the walker family outside so she could take refuge there. As she does this, she seems to struggle and obviously keeps thinking of her own family that was torn from her.

This episode was dark and dealt with issues such as suicide. Charlie contemplates it, and after Alicia tells her that she’s “trash”, Charlie pretty much decides her own fate. It was definitely more of a downer episode-and the constant sound of rain though the whole thing surely didn’t help.


Here’s the gist of the episode: Alicia finds a house and as she tries to close it up, the basement begins to flood from all the rain. She desperately tries to board up the flapping window sills with one nail and a plank. One moment with a turned head, and Charlie sneaks into the house to basically set Alicia on an angry murderous and confused tirade.

It’s clear she won’t be running from her problems. (An all too relatable aspect of all of our lives.)

Charlie was at fault for leading the Vultures to the arena which led to Madison’s death, and she was directly responsible for shooting Nick, so Alicia refuses to stay there with her in the house. She believes she’ll kill Charlie and attempts to leave. She gets knocked unconscious by a car door and Charlie then takes her safely back inside. Charlie locks herself in a room and remains silent, unable to answer any of Alicia’s yelling questions.

Alicia says some pretty deep and scarring things to Charlie, calling her a “waste of a person”. Charlie then ends up accidentally revealing the gun she used to kill Nick, which sets Alicia off even more. Alicia now asks if Charlie was going to kill her. She doesn’t respond. Holding the gun to Charlie’s head they both tremble and cry until Alicia drops the gun and tells her to go upstairs.

Later, she walks in on Charlie walking outside on the deck, toward a walker hanging by a branch, impaled by the wind. She gets inches away from his hungry jaw and Alicia yanks her away just in time. Charlie wasn’t going to shoot Alicia, she wanted to use it on herself.

The storm gets worse and the two talk over old canned food. Charlie reveals her past, how her family was just trying to go to the beach when the apocalypse happened. Then, the storm starts to show it’s power. Windows are crashed open and the foundation crumbles, sending the two of them into the flooded basement. There, the water level rises and Charlie begs Alicia to kill her-there’s not way out except to drown and she doesn’t want to suffer the fate of her parents who turned to walkers.

In the nick of time, something falls onto the hatchway, breaking the chain that locked it down. They escape and look back to see that it’s the walker who was hanging over the deck. “He saved us.” Charlie utters in shock.

Alicia buries the bodies of the family and they are now bonded. They begin a journey to find the others. Alicia’s behavior towards Charlie is inspiring and would definitely remind you of Madison.

The two get to the estate to find no trace of Victor and Luciana, and Morgan’s truck and June and John’s bus are overturned. Alicia believes they are gone, but then an unknown walker comes from behind the bus and they silently decide to keep going.

Alicia has gone through a huge change by overcoming her struggle with the death of her family and Charlie’s hand in it. She was able to come around and feel empathy for her. She is definitely darker and mentally stronger now.


What did you think of last night’s episode of Fear The Walking Dead? Catch the next episode Sunday on AMC!


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