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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Actor Gives a Direct Response as to Why the Show is Ending

Published on February 7th, 2023 | Updated on February 7th, 2023 | By FanFest

After its eight-season journey, the time is here to bid goodbye to Fear the Walking Dead. Just like its parent series The Walking Dead, this spinoff has captivated audiences with thrilling storylines and characters throughout all these years.

Recently, Danay García – the actress who plays Luciana on the show – had an Instagram Live session to chat with fans and reminisce about her character. She also addressed how it felt to wrap up filming for the spinoff series.

When discussing Fear the Walking Dead‘s finale, her views were straightforward; after eight incredible seasons on the air, it was simply time for the show to come to a close without any major backstage disputes. Listen closely around four minutes in if you want even more details!

García expresses her admiration for having the opportunity to portray Luciana and all the amazing people she has encountered on this journey, before wrapping up with a heartfelt statement:

“Nothing really happened to Fear. It’s just that we’ve been on the air for quite some time, and it’s the time.”

Although the popularity of Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead may be waning, don’t underestimate the franchise’s continued presence in your television viewing.

Although the main show is ending, we can still look forward to three spin-offs that are sure to keep us entranced – Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan’s The Walking Dead: Dead City, Norman Reedus’ The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon‘, and a highly anticipated Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira miniseries which will have them resuming their roles as Rick and Michonne.

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