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Fear… Are Audiences Addicted To ‘It’?

Published on September 12th, 2017 | Updated on September 12th, 2017 | By FanFest

It hit theaters this past weekend in a most epic fashion. Rather than scaring people away, Pennywise’s terrifyingly toothy smile brought people together in record numbers. I must admit, as a Stephen King fan, I had concerns about the movie especially considering the less than stellar release of The Dark Tower. I remained hopeful though that the iconic Pennywise would dance his way back into our nightmares. He did!

It surpassed box office predictions and even broke records for horror movie releases. Finally, an instance where reviews, hype and fan reactions all came together in harmony. In short, It was awesome!

Not only did It make a big splash this year, so did the likes of thrillers Get Out, Split, and Annabelle: Creation. What is happening? Most people are happy to stay home and binge watch their favorite shows, so how is it they are willing to vacate their cozy couch in search of scary? Simple, a universal addiction to fear.

… horror movies are better seen with a crowd. By and large, screams, shrieks, chatter, and ejaculations of “don’t go in there!!” enhance rather than detract from this specific brand of film watching. Pennywise the Clown just wouldn’t have the same amount of juice if you were watching him chomp, giggle, and growl alone and in a brightly-lit living room. The communal experience of shared terror is down right chemical. – Vanity Fair

Yup. Say what you will, but the desire to be scared is real. Who doesn’t like a little pep in their heart rate? Am I right? 😉

Source: Vanity Fair


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