Fans React to the Return of ‘The Walking Dead’s’ Shane Walsh


With so much to take in from this past week’s episode of The Walking Dead there were some moments that left fans on the fence and unsure of how to feel, one of these moments was the reappearance of Shane Walsh. The last time we saw the character Shane, he was attempting to murder Rick in a jealous rage over Lori and Carl Grimes. Realizing that Shane had pretty much gone off the deep end emotionally and had become dangerous, the only thing that Rick could do was murder his best friend for the greater good of the group. Also, who could forget when little Carl had to shoot a reanimated Shane himself, man that kid went through so much on that show; put Shane down, put his mother down and eventually himself. The return of the character Shane Walsh, if even just for a few minutes, struck fans with a nostalgic feeling going back to season 1. The shocker of the interaction however would have to be when Shane and Rick, while in Rick’s hallucination, are openly discussing the paternity of Judith Grimes and for the first time without whispering out of the sides of their mouths, the writers did confirm Judith Grimes is in fact biologically Shane Walsh’s daughter with the following dialogue: “I’m looking for my family,” Rick told Shane, who had the perfect response:

“Oh, is that what you’re doing, looking for your family? One could argue it’s my family you’re looking for right? How is my baby girl by the way? Got my eyes doesn’t she?” Rick answered that thank God Judith does not have Shane’s nose, and Shane quipped, “Good thing she ain’t got my ears, man.”

I will admit, during that conversation, my mouth dropped a tad bit as well as other viewers. While seeing Shane made some fans feel more at home in this episode, those who still loath and hate Shane were voicing their disgust for the characters return, excellent job Jon, if they hate you it means you did something right! Below are some of the best tweets regarding the return of Shane for Rick’s final episode.




Whether you were happy to see Shane, love Shane or still think he was being a little savage to a dying Rick you do have to admit, it was nice to go back to some of the roots of the show. The last episode of Rick Grimes’ could not have been pulled off any better than it was. Appreciation and thanks from all the fans of The Walking Dead go not only to the cast but the amazing behind the scenes production team as well.

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