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Fans React to the Announcement of the ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ Crossover Character

If you’re anything like us, you never really go off soundly to sleep after watching The Walking Dead, there’s just…too much emotion. It’s never been a big surprise that we lose characters, it’s happened since the very first season. However, after the violent way season 7 cost us so many of our favorite characters, we realized that we never truly know who’s biting the dust next.

We also never know what’s coming next. Even fans who read ahead in the comics can’t be sure, so when it was announced that The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead would have a crossover character, interest was peaked. Some fans thought it was a great idea while others cringed at the idea. While we weren’t sure how to feel at first, we have to admit we were curious as to how they’d work a crossover character into the storyline.

That curiosity led us, like a lot of you, to believe that the crossover character would be Abraham. In fact, most Walking Dead fans were set on him being the character. So when the announcement was made that it wasn’t Abraham at all, rather Morgan, we weren’t sure how to take the news.

Turns out, a lot of you weren’t either.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense, and a lot of tweets were just gifs of people trying to explain that. Or angry and annoyed gifs because this news just isn’t sitting well with most fans.

However, this theory was brought up, and like many other fans on Twitter, we like the sound of it.

This fan got it right. We haven’t been this shocked by anything since his return, either.

The probability of this happening makes almost zero sense, we get it, but we aren’t against that crazy traveling working out somehow.

Seriously, Forest Gump ran all across the country and it took him 3 years, 2 months, 14 days, and 16 hours. Morgan could run a shorter journey in less time, it could totally happen.

When it comes to us here at Fan Fest…all we have to say is that if Morgan dies, well…

Fans React to the Announcement of the 'Fear The Walking Dead' and 'The Walking Dead' Crossover Character