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Fans React to ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Shocker

Published on May 21st, 2018 | Updated on May 21st, 2018 | By FanFest

Spoiler Warning: Only read ahead if you’ve see the latest episode of Fear The Walking Dead, ‘Just In Case’.

This week’s episode left fans with a truly shocking moment, after a huge emotional build-up. In the last couple episodes, we were taken back to when two of Fear‘s new characters, John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt) and Laura (Jenna Elfman), first meet. A beautiful love affair is produced from their time together, and then Laura ends up falling for him and leaving. We aren’t sure what drives her to leave her newfound love, but we can guess it was some unfinished business she needed to take care of alone. That drive was stronger than her love for John, which leads us to believe it’s driven by her daughter, who died earlier in the apocalypse.

This episode, we find out the nature of her daughter’s tragic death, as time jumps back once more to her time with Strand and Madison. They listen and try to comfort her. The time periods then finally jump to the present, after Nick’s death and after Strand, Luciana and Alicia have told Morgan and John to go their separate ways.

As soon as they begin to argue, the Vultures show up, and they aren’t in a good mood. Of course, somebody pulls up in the Range Rover. (We last see a backwards time jump, in which Madison tells Alicia to prepare the same Range Rover for escape, just in case.) It’s Laura-who we all thought was dead, including John Dorie.

As soon as the stage was set, I could feel something bad was going to happen. John looks at Laura and walks to her like a magnet. Alicia shoots him in an emotional, frustrating rage and he falls to the ground before he even touches Laura. It’s a heartbreaking moment and I’ll say this. That man better pull through!

You could almost hear fans screaming around the country for poor John!

The one fateful moment, soon yanked away.

No is a good word to describe it. We’re in denial.

Forgive us Alicia, but you can’t shoot John Dorie and not get some fallback! Bye Alicia is the new Bye Felicia!

He could pull through, and that’s what we’re hoping for! Let the spirit of Dory in!

Most fans are optimistic, which is a good sign! Only a few episodes in and he is beloved. Many fans compare him to Daryl Dixon!

The feelings are mutual among many fans!

It’s safe to say this season has been fire!

This pretty much sums it up. We are all in the John Dorie fan club and proud of it!

We are hopeful that John will pull through! What do you think?


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