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FanFest Writers Theorize: Where Does Game of Thrones Go From Here?

Published on July 6th, 2016 | Updated on July 6th, 2016 | By FanFest

It’s been more than a week now since Game of Thrones aired it’s season 6 finale. In that time, my colleagues and I have had time to rewatch, process, and obsess over what could possibly take place as the series winds down over the next two (shortened) seasons. The beauty of speculation at this point is there are no books or blueprints to really go by, so it’s really anyone’s guess.


Since there were so many fans of the show here on FanFest, I wanted to get their thoughts on what they think could happen going forward. Take a read through, and be sure to share your own in the comments!


FanFest Writers on ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 & 8




With the way Dany worded thing to Yara Greyjoy and the current arrangement with Dorne I think when Danny and the Stark’s finally meet they will agree to a King of the North situation in return for their army. I think after the big fight with the white walkers there will be lots of independent states and one over all queen, being Danny. And with the way Targaryen are with family it would not surprise me if Dany ends up with Jon and Sansa is the Queen of the North. That would make Dany over all queen, Yara Queen of the Iron Islands, Sansa Queen of the North, Ellaria Sand Queen in Dorne. #girlpower Also high hopes that Dany gives Tyrion Casterly Rock in the end! – Kyle Schlaack




I’ve never read the books or seen the show, but due to my friends in Social Media I’m very much aware of the plotlines and characters (Weird how that works, right?). I think Jon Snow will claim his rightful throne next season with Daenerys by his side by season’s end and in Season 8, as is the ‘Game of Thrones’ special, most if not all of the characters will die. – CJ Creech




The key to the story is the White Walkers and the Night King. One would have to assume (always a dangerous thing, especially dangerous with ‘Game of Thrones’) that the Wall will fall. Why else introduce a structure that large? As the White Walkers march on the North our newly appointed King, Jon effin’ Snow will meet them head on. Out numbered with zero odds of survival. It’s a good thing the Mother of Dragons will be coming in through the North. Those two forces can surround the White Walkers, destroy them and the Night King (can you say dragons), and hold off the dark winter. From there Dany can win the people and march with Jon to take the Iron Throne.

Oh! Jamie is going to kill Cerise. One it fulfills the prophecy. Two, she’s gone all Mad King and there are story parallels. Almost poetic. – Kevin Carey




Jon and Dany team up against Cersei – and by team up, I mean possibly marry even though they are related. Not sure they’ll find that out right away and even if they did, didn’t the Targaryens do the incestuous thing all the time? He’s like the only ‘available’ guy leader. Unless you count Little Finger, but I think Dany would see through his BS.

Sansa and Jon go at odds over the North – Little Finger has planted a seed in her head that the North is rightfully hers. I’m not 100% sure she’s falling for it, but they have such a weird relationship that if she does, I think they’ll team up and he will try to marry her in the process.

Arya will cross paths with the Hound and the Brotherhood without Banners. I’m hoping that Arya will forgive the Hound, but if she is sticking to her list, then I think he’s a goner. Together with the Brotherhood, she could go after the Lannisters which I think is her main target at this point.

Bran will mess up again in his visions and whatever magic is holding the Night King and his creatures from getting through the wall will be broken.

Jamie Lannister will be forced to kill Cersei cause she will become the crazy “mad queen”. If Arya doesn’t get to him first, I think he will then join Dany and Tyrion to fight against the Night King.

…and finally Brienne will get together with Tormund. Ok, this last one is just MY wishful thinking cause I just love the thought of them together…. lol – Shikha Bajracharya




Cersei will be killed. Who kills her is questionable. Based on the looks she and Jaime exchanged at the end of Season 6, it could be him however, she is also on Arya’s Hit List. I am wondering if Jaime and Arya will come together, somehow, to take out the wicked Queen. Jaime and Arya saw each other at Twins, where Arya killed Walder. I wonder if, perhaps, they will meet again under similar circumstances.

During an all out war, I think that Sansa and Tyrion will bridge the gap between Jon Snow and Daenerys. Jon Snow will discover his Targaryen heritage and he will have rightful claim to the Iron Throne. Where that leaves Daenerys, I have no idea however, I also think that, perhaps somewhere in there, Tyrion may also be Targaryen and, together, the three of them will be wielders of the three dragons. – Denise Caputo




I do believe that when Dany and her army hits the shores of Westeros, she will have to take a husband in order to completely dominate the land. Her best choice is Jon Snow, even though thanks to Bran’s vision we now know (or are at least fairly certain) that he is also a Targaryen. Though, that little bit of family history doesn’t seem to stop people in ‘Game of Thrones’.

Speaking of marriage, I do think Sansa will end up marrying Littlefinger. But this time, she will be the schemer and do it for reasons that benefit her. I could see them marrying, and once they are back in the Erie, Littlefinger could suffer the same fate as his currently deceased wife. I mean, he’s a pretty good bad guy to watch, but who wouldn’t want to see Lord Baelish fly from the moondoor?

Having Sansa as the Lady of the Erie, Jon Snow King of the North and married to the Dragon Queen, sets them up well for domination. I don’t think that King’s Landing will be too much of a battle though, because like many of my fellow writers, I believe Cersei will die as the Mad Queen, killed by her own brother/lover. To be honest, I am more interested to see who takes out the Mountain. Brute force isn’t going to work, so many something more subtle… the sand snakes perhaps?

Arya also need to return to Winterfell and stand by her brother to fight. Maybe that sword Sam stole from his daddy will make its way North and into the hands of the Starks to help aid in the great war to come. I don’t know how Arya’s story will play out, but I hope by the end of the series, both she and Bran make it back to Winterfell before the Wall crumbles and the Night King leads his undead army south. – Jen Ryan


Photo Courtesy of HBO
Photo Courtesy of HBO


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