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Fan-Made ‘Fortnite’ Rocket Launch Video Will Blow You Away

Published on July 3rd, 2018 | Updated on July 3rd, 2018 | By FanFest

Did you catch Fortnite’s big rocket launch? If not, one player has taken it upon his or herself to create a sweet, movie-like version that will make you feel like you were actually there.

The video was submitted by Redditor Enzaitt to the Fortnite Battle Royale subreddit, and shows the launch from almost every angle cinematically. It is beautifully made with clear events and sounds. You’ll feel like you didn’t miss it at all.

Epic Games, creators of Fortnite may not have released this video, but they should probably see about using it for promotional purposes-it’s that good. It includes several players gaping up at the gorgeous show in the sky and really emphasizes the ferocity of the launch repurcussions.

Enzait’s Youtube channel is full of all kinds of in-game footage, and you’d probably be able to sit and watch the videos for hours. This launch however really stands out as impressive.

During the actual launch, many players were trying their hardest to find an adequate viewing spot to see the action. There were a few who took advantage of the vulnerability and tried to shoot them down.

According to, a member of Epic Games commented on Reddit saying that the video is “incredible” and that they were passing it around the office. The creator also added, he used zero sound effects. That goes to show how much detail not only Enzait put into finding these snippets, but the detail and time that the creators of Fortnite put into this singular event that not even all players would be able to see.

Were you present for the launch that resulted in a missile flying firework show? Show us your footage!


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