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Fan Fest Valentine: Vikings

Published on February 12th, 2017 | Updated on February 14th, 2017 | By FanFest

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if you’ve so much as left your house, or even turned on your television or favorite radio station, you know that love is in the air. There are pink and red sparkly hearts decorations almost everywhere, romance movies on television in the evenings, and radios are streaming playlists of love songs to make your holiday the right amount of sweet and sexy. Tis the season to be in love.

Whether that love is super romantic or platonic; it is awesome to find someone you’re smitten with during this season and tell them why they’re so special. Be it a significant other, a friend, or anyone else that holds an important spot in your heart – having a Valentine is pretty sweet.

We decided to pick some perfect Valentines of our own and elaborate on what makes them such a great choice. Here are our picks for the best Valentines this year!


In looking for the perfect Valentine on a frigid winter night, don’t discount the value of a Viking. Any Viking loaded with pelts and a keg of mead will do.

5 places for your perfect date

  • A Viking cruise. Whether it be on the Seine to Paris, a Norwegian Fjord for whale watching, or along the Mediterranean Coast for some sun, you can’t beat a romantic cruise. A Fan Fest cruise would work too.

  • A long winter night in the Artic Circle, watching the Northern Lights. This would be a perfect opportunity to enjoy one of those ice hotels or ice bars while taking in the wonders of nature.

  • A raid. In lieu of actually invading your neighbors, you may want to indulge your Viking’s urges with a friendly game of flag football, a self-defense class or a battle reenactment.
  • A kegger. Grab a drinking horn and head to the local Great Hall (or pub) and enjoy the festivities. You’ll get to meet your Valentine’s friends and learn the “real” stories of their past exploits.

  • A petting zoo. Vikings love farm animals, especially baby lambs and goats. Let your Viking indulge in their softer side.

4 of our Favorite Photos

There are plenty of photos out there of all our favorites without their shirts, but for Valentine’s Day let’s indulge in the look you hope they give you on that special date.


3 songs for your Valentine’s Day playlist 

  • “If I had a heart (Theme song to “Vikings”) – Fever Ray
  • “Invaders” – Iron Maiden
  • “Under Attack” – ABBA (In truth, it’s a bad song. But it’s fitting, and your Viking will appreciate you supporting their local music scene.)

2 reasons Vikings are the best Valentine

  • Despite their hardened exterior, they are really very sensitive.
  • They will do anything to win your heart.

1 perfect pick up line

“Did you just blood eagle me? ‘Cuz it feels like my lungs have been ripped from my chest.”

If you’re hoping to develop that inner shield maiden or warrior, or you want to experience uncharted waters, think about letting a Viking into your heart this Valentine’s Day.

Picture source: History Channel’s “Vikings”

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