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Fan Fest Picks: Top 5 Arrowverse Villains

As we draw in closer to the premiere’s of some of our favorite CW TV Series, the anticipation and excitement from the Fan Fest team has never been higher. While we are highly looking forward to seeing what sort of storyline each of our heroes (and villains!) will be following this season in their respective shows, there is one thing we are highly looking forward to – the characters themselves.

When in the face of travesty and despair, everyone holds out for a hero… and we absolutely love all of our CW-verse heroes. Now, the one thing that completes a heroes tale is not the type of cape they wear or the amazing super powers they possess… it is the villains that they find themselves going up against.

That’s right, this week we are giving some love to our villains! I’ve teamed up with my Arrowverse Expert partner in crime to compile a list of the Top 5 villains across the Arrowverse!

5. Malcolm Merlyn- The Dark Archer (Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow)


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Jules: For me, Malcolm made the list simply because he was the opponent that we never would have seen coming. His best friends father? Of all people? Malcolm was also not your stereotypical opponent. He, like Oliver, was also extremely well skilled in both combatives and weaponry. I also love how despite his wicked tendencies, he has that ‘softer’ side to him that truly cares about his daughter. He’s also got some of the best one-liners and zingers on the show.

Alyssa: The first season of Arrow found Oliver facing off against the father of his best friend. Malcolm was a formidable opponent, both smart and a skilled fighter. I remember being completely shocked when it was revealed that Malcolm had created two earthquake machines. Malcolm is one of those characters that you love to hate, and John Barrowman has done such a good job at capturing the malice of the character. Over the years, Malcolm has become a little bit sassier and is such a joy to watch, even though you still hate him at the end of the day.

4. Leonard Snart- Captain Cold (The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow)


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Jules: He’s quirky, he’s fun, and he’s cool. I have always been a long time Captain Cold fan, and Wentworth Miller’s portrayal of him is absolutely fantastic. He falls perfectly into the realm of your everyday bad guy. He’s got to be one of the most fun villains out there.

Mark Mardon- Weather Wizard (The Flash)


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Alyssa: Though he has only appeared four times, Mardon is a well-known member of Flash’s rogue gallery, and for good reason. He is incredibly powerful and smart. He almost destroys all of Central City during his first appearance, and in season 2, almost kills Barry. I hope we get to see more of him in the future because he a good opponent for the Flash.

3. Floyd Lawton- Deadshot (Arrow)

(Jules and Alyssa)

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Jules: When I first heard the rumors circulating that Deadshot would be appearing on Arrow, I was extremely excited. To top it all off, Michael Rowe portrayed him perfectly! He was one of those bad guys that you couldn’t help but love. His missions may have been horrible, but in the end, he was doing all of it so he could get money to take care of his daughter, Zoe. Not only is he strategically brilliant, he’s psychosocially damaging to both Oliver and Diggle.

Alyssa: My love of Floyd Lawton began because of Arrow. He is an interesting character and was so brilliantly played by Michael Rowe. Though he’s turned into more of an anti-hero than a villain, he started out pretty bad in the first season of Arrow, proving to be a major foil to Oliver and Diggle. I have loved watching his character evolve over the seasons and was incredibly mad when he was killed. But then he came back! Maybe we’ll get to see him again.

2. Hunter Zolomon/’Jay Garrick’- Zoom (The Flash)


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Jules: Zoom is just absolutely wicked. He broke Barry’s back, he killed his father, and he challenged Barry in ways that no one ever has before. He is just a completely awesome and well written villain. Does anyone else get chills in that Season 2 finale when Zoom says ‘run barry, run’. Or is that just me that gets those? So cool!! Honestly, he’s just plain scary.

Harrison Wells- Reverse Flash (The Flash)


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Alyssa: We pretty much knew all along that Harrison Wells was really the man in the yellow suit. Though he was actually Eobard Thawne posing as Harrison using future tech, this version of Reverse Flash has always been the most menacing to me. It’s probably because you like him. He is such a good coach to Barry and originally has such a good relationship with Cisco. But then everything comes crashing down when the truth is gradually revealed, and he even kills Cisco (in one timeline, thank God). Harrison oozed malice and was just so well done.

1. Slade Wilson (Arrow)


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Jules: Words cannot simply express how amazing Deathstroke has been in the Arrowverse. For starters, Manu Bennett is absolutely fantastic in this role. He’s extremely tactically and strategically gifted, which just makes him even more badass. He wasn’t just ‘bad’, he was absolutely wicked. He and Oliver also have the most amazing fight sequences – just completely incredible!

Alyssa: Where do I even begin with Slade Wilson? Season 2 of Arrow was the best season of probably all the Arrowverse and that’s because of Slade. He was so evil and calculating, and again, another character that you couldn’t help but love while also hating them. We watched Oliver and Slade’s friendship dissolve on the island as they faced off in the present. It’s always the worst to see people who cared about each other, even referring to the other as a brother, hate each other so much. Manu Bennet did such an amazing job with the role and I’m excited to see what’s going to happen with him in Season 6.

Honorable Mention:

Killer Frost & Deathstorm (The Flash)

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Prometheus (Arrow)

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Who are some of your favorite villains?? Tell us in the comments!!