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Fan Fest Picks: Top 5 Arrowverse Moments

Published on September 15th, 2017 | Updated on September 15th, 2017 | By FanFest

As we draw closer to the season premier of some of our favorite CW TV Series, the anticipation and excitement from the Fan Fest team has never been higher. While we are highly looking forward to seeing where the next seasons will take us! While the Arrowverse is one of those universes that loves to create emotional trauma, there are some events that really bring a smile to our face or move our heart.

To put it simply, a show is a good one when it makes you feel, and the Arrowverse really knows how to make us feel. All sorts of emotions.

In an ultimate dynamic duo event, Arrowverse expert Alyssa and I have compiled a list of the our favorite moments across the Arrowverse fandom.

5. The Legends Are Gathered (Legends of Tomorrow, ‘Pilot’)


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Jules: It’s always super cool to see a team gather together, but this wasn’t your stereotypical ‘hey lets meet up at this place and figure things out’ sort of a thing. They were all abducted (essentially) and forced to come together. I would have to say that the dynamic of all of them interacting together was absolutely hilarious, especially when Snart and Mick realized that they were the two criminals that were about to be forcibly joined up with a group of ‘heroes’.

Felicity in the Atom Suit (Arrow, ‘My Name is Oliver Queen’)


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Alyssa: When the crew is trying to stop Ra’s al Ghul from destroying the city (a typical May), Oliver fights the Demon’s Head all on his own. Quentin warns Felicity of Oliver’s upcoming demise and begs Ray to go to his rescue as the only way to get there in time is to fly. But Ray is busy and can’t do it. Oliver defeats Ra’s, but is shot by the police. He falls from the dam but is saved by Felicity in the Atom suit. It’s a rather glorious moment and cemented with her saying she doesn’t know how to get out of the helmet so she can kiss him.

4. Kara Stops Robbers Without Powers (Supergirl, ‘Human for a Day’)

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Jules: In this extremely powerful and emotional scene, Kara displays more than just emotion… she displays a part of herself that is human. Stopping a ‘bad guy’ is never easy, even with powers. But it is just truly moving and powerful how she manages to persuade him to lay down his arms, knowing that she is without her ‘super’ abilities. She proves that she is more than just a woman who hides behind her super powers.

Alyssa: After burning through her powers to stop Red Tornado, Kara goes a day being fully human. Naturally, an earthquake strikes and she can’t do anything to help. When riots break out, Kara dons her suit and stops a robbery. She speaks to the man holding a gun at her, telling him that he doesn’t have to do this. Her hand is shaking because she knows he could kill her, yet she believes that he won’t shoot. It’s incredibly powerful as he hands over the gun. James snaps a photo of the moment, showing that she is a hero despite her abilities.

3. Oliver meets William (Arrow, ‘Legends of Yesterday’)


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Jules: When it comes to Oliver Queen, he has never had an easy life. Discovering that he had William in his life was really an emotional pull for all of us, but I absolutely adored the scene where Oliver actually met William and began playing action figures with him. We hardly get to see a side of Oliver like this and it was completely moving in an adorable sense. Oliver needs a little bit more light in his life; and what could be more of a light in his life other than being united with his long lost son?

Barry and Oliver’s Rooftop Scene (The Flash, ‘Pilot’)


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Alyssa: Now that Barry has been granted the wonderful ability of super speed, he calls up an old friend for some advice. He has always wanted to be more, but now that he is, he doesn’t think he has what it takes to be a hero. Barry compares himself to Oliver, saying he doesn’t think he can be like him, be a vigilante. Oliver tells Barry that he can be better than he ever was. Barry can provide a hope Oliver never could. He then even kinda christens Barry with the name “Flash.” The icing on the cake is when Oliver shoots an arrow and soars off and Barry whispers “cool” before running off. Oliver turns around and sees the red streak and utters his own “cool.” I love them.

2. Dinah gets her Black Canary Mask (Arrow, ‘The Sineater’)


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Jules: After Team Arrow suffered the tragic loss of Laurel Lance, they were broken. After realizing he made a promise to Laurel, Oliver sought out to find his new Black Canary. Upon discovering Dinah, he knew she would be the perfect fit. Although she was technically ‘part of the team’ before this moment, it sent goosebumps up my spine to see her officially get the mask – the teams way of showing that she was truly worthy of carrying on Laurel’s legacy.

Thea Learns the Truth (Arrow, ‘Canaries’)


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Alyssa: Thea has every reason to be mad at Oliver for keeping such a big secret from. And it comes at the tail end of all the lies that have been told to keep her safe. When Oliver takes her down to the Arrow cave, all she can do is thank him. She remembers how angry she was at Oliver for breaking plans, when really he was out saving someone’s life. She thanks him for everyone and gives him a hug.

1. Lance Realizes Sara is Alive (Arrow, ‘League of Assassins’)



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Jules: This is still, to this day, one of my favorite scenes ever. After believing that she was dead for years on end, Captain Lance was finally reunited wit his daughter. This scene brings tears to my eyes because it is such a sweet and powerful moment. The acting of both Paul Blackthorne and Caity Lotz also added into this. I cannot muster enough words to describe how much I absolutely love this scene.


Laurel/Sara Sister Moments (Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow)


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Alyssa: Laurel is another that has every reason to hate her sister, yet they come to terms with everything that has happened between them in Season 2. From there on out, they do nothing but support each other. There are a lot of great moments between the two, but the one that takes the prize is in Season 2 when Laurel helps Sara realize that she is a hero. Sara comes out of the burning building and Laurel proudly declares that they were saved by the Canary. They give each other strength from beyond the grave. Laurel becoming the Black Canary to honor Sara and Sara doing the right thing with the Spear of Destiny in honor of Laurel. It’s just unfortunate that we’ll never have the two like this again.

Honorable Mention: (Kara rescues a…snake?)

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I mean… we are sure it’s friendly…..


What are some of your favorite Arrowverse moments?


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