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Fan Fest Nashville: ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Cast Talk That Big Death and More!

Heroes & Villains Fan Fest is currently taking over Nashville, TN in a fun-filled weekend where the stars of today’s comic-inspired television shows & movies come together to interact with fans and give the scoop on all of our favorite pop-culture fandoms! 

Fan Fest Nashville: 'Fear the Walking Dead' Cast Talk That Big Death and More!

Fear the Walking Dead has just kicked off season 4 so what better time to have Kim Dickens, Colman Domingo, Daniel Sharman, Jenna Elfman, Danay Garcia, and Kevin Zegers take the Fan Fest stage to dish on the current and past seasons!

This post contains spoilers for all seasons of Fear the Walking Dead. 

The panel kicked off with Daniel Sharman and Kim Dickens reminiscing about that lovely moment where she put a spoon right through his eye – or as Sharman likes to say “just another day for Kim Dickens.”

“All I knew when I took the job was that they said ‘you have to come to have your prosthetic fitted because you’re going to have a spoon in your eye’…and I went ‘okay, brilliant. This is going to be fun. And then Kim Dickens just enjoyed it way too much,” Sharman said.

Fan Fest Nashville: 'Fear the Walking Dead' Cast Talk That Big Death and More!

Fans of  Fear are still reeling from the surprising and devastating loss of Frank Dillane’s character Nick, who has been a central character on the series since the pilot. Colman Domingo, Danay Garcia, and Kim Dickens took some time to chat about Dillane’s decision to leave the show.

“I think that he felt he had exercised as much as he could with this character and was ready to do something else, but then it was a stunner when we heard he was going to go episode 3!” Domingo shared.

Fan Fest Nashville: 'Fear the Walking Dead' Cast Talk That Big Death and More!

Newcomer to season 4, Jenna Elfman, dove into the challenges of playing Naomi and what viewers can expect to see on this weeks episode.

“My character is very uncomfortable and you don’t really know why, and I found that to be actually a tremendous challenge to play a reverse motion as a character rather than a forward moving agenda.”

Both casts in the Walking Dead universe have always said that they are like family, so it was fun to listen to Domingo and Garcia talk about the welcome dinner they all had when the new cast arrived in Austin, TX.

Kevin Zegers also gave fans some great insight on to what he thinks drives his character of Melvin.

“I prefer characters who don’t come in sort of beating their chest. I don’t find that very frightening. The people I find really terrifying are the people who are well-spoken and thoughtful and three-dimensional people who may just have a screw loose.”

Be sure to catch new episodes of Fear the Walking Dead Sundays on AMC.