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Fan Fest ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Exclusive: Brandon Routh Sums up Season 3

Fan Fest Legends of Tomorrow Exclusive: Brandon Routh Tells us his Favorite Time Period

During Heroes & Villains Fan Fest New York/New Jersey, I was able to catch a minute with Brandon Routh who plays Ray Palmer, a.k.a The Atom, on Legends of Tomorrow.

Fan Fest 'Legends of Tomorrow' Exclusive: Brandon Routh Sums up Season 3
Image: The CW

Alyssa: We haven’t learned much about Ray besides what caused him to become Atom with his fiancée’s death so everything before that has kind of been a mystery.

Brandon: Yeah. We get a look at his childhood and the challenges he had as a kid a little bit. And we also get kind of an episode that’s reminiscent of E.T. So it’s a pretty cool 80s mix-up.

A: Which is really great for Ray. I’m sure.

B: Yeah.

A: What has been your favorite time period, filming-wise, and what are you hoping might come into the show since pretty much everything is on the table?

B: The Camelot episode we did last season is my favorite. I don’t know, I mean, I’d go back there again. That’s my favorite era. But I’m excited every time we get to do something different.

A: Can you describe Season 3 in one word?

B: Bananas.

Season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow kicks off Tuesday, October 10, on The CW.

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