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Fan Fest Fuzzies: Reunited and It Feels So Good! Watch Baby Fiona Hang with her Parents!

A few months ago, we brought you a story about baby Fiona, the premature hippo born at the Cincinnati Zoo in January 2017. As a premature baby, Fiona had to be separated from her parents, Bibi and Henry, while the zoo caretakers and vets cared for her. They have been documenting her steady progress and milestones on their website.

Tuesday, July 11 marked a momentous reunion for Fiona. Dad, Henry, joined his little baby hippo and mom, Bibi, in the Hippo Cave’s outdoor pool for the first time. The introduction was monitored and kept short in order to ease the trio into getting used to each other as a family. Bibi stayed close to Fiona and stepped in when Henry got too close. Subsequent family interactions allowed for Fiona to get closer to Henry while mom continued to keep a close watch.

The zoo shared an adorable post of the family and Fiona taking a nap together on Thursday, July 13. While this action seems insignificant, it actually reinforces the positive progress that these three are making as a family or “pod”.

The care team has done a wonderful job with Fiona and these recent developments are proof of their diligence and efforts. Watch the family’s adorable interaction in the pool. Hippos use their mouths to show affection, explore, play, and give warnings. It is clear that Fiona enjoys being with her parents as she playfully bites at their open mouths.

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Visit the Cincinnati Zoo’s website to keep up with Fiona and her family’s progress.