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Fan Fest Favorites: Chris Evans

Published on January 27th, 2017 | Updated on January 27th, 2017 | By FanFest

When it comes to pop-culture; major actors and actresses usually go beyond far just filming their parts and playing their role. In fact, the larger than life characters they play on television and in film usually become part of their persona in their day to day lives. This translates in their social media presence, when they attend social gatherings, and when they meet those lucky fans when they’re out running errands. It also means that they’re often hailed as heroes – even if their characters are on the ‘bad guy’ end of the spectrum. They take it upon themselves to inspire their fans, encourage them to follow their own dreams, and set examples that make them strive to be great.

The best and perhaps most unspoken part of the nature of these celebrities is their humble attitude. They don’t ask for, or expect, recognition for the things that they do. They simply do their jobs and use their circumstance to make the world a little better where they can. For these reasons and more, we decided to honor our favorite celebrities for all the things they do both in and out of the spotlight.

Chris Evans is Captain America

Chris Evans isn’t just a superhero in film, he’s an advocate in his personal life and he uses his platform to promote change and demand equality. From traveling overseas to visit soldiers fighting for our country to using his social media presence to bring awareness to injustice and important social issues, Chris has seen the impact he is able to make and does everything he can to use that for good.

Recently, he’s tweeted about equality for women, namely, the importance of the women’s march on Washington and the confession by an actress in Hollywood who was sexually assaulted for the sake of ‘realism’ in a film.

He also reminded us all that love is the most important thing we’ve got on NYE.

Chris also works with countless charities to improve the lives of people in a number of different capacities. From just being himself and doing some fun pranks to dedicating his time to people he considers heroes of his own and giving financial assistance to charities and families in need – he is always looking for ways to do more for someone else.

Currently, fans can join a campaign to win an ‘escape’ with Chris through Omaze for Christopher’s Haven. Christopher’s Haven is a home for kids when cancer hits home, and in situations where life is hard not just physically but financially on families; there’s nothing more important than having a stress free place to come home to at night. It takes a lot of stress off.

He also surprised kids at a Captain America Civil War screening back in May of 2016 who donated to CelebrateU, an organization that helps children who are living in shelters have birthday parties. One of the most exciting things about getting older as a kid was looking forward to your birthday, planning the party, and getting the decorations. These kids saw that importance and wanted to help out and when Chris saw that charitable spirit in those children, he was inspired as well.

He’s hilarious

Chris is an absolute riot. If you look Chris Evans up on YouTube, you’ll find a number of video compilations of his funniest moments. He’s always looking on the bright side which means that he can find something good and something worth laughing about in most situations. From hilarious interview moments to bloopers on set and even pranks – he’s someone who has a contagious energy.

Speaking of that Omaze challenge, here’s a video where he pranked some comic book fans and had the time of his life doing so.

For good measure, another compilation of his funny moments, these are a bit older, but still golden.

After watching those we’ve decided that at some point in our lives, we’ve gotta sit Chris down for some pizza and beer, he’d be the best company.

He’s honest in his struggles

One of Chris’ biggest struggles is something that’s incredibly difficult given his career path. He has extreme anxiety, and sometimes, it’s debilitating. Chris was open about this during promo before Captain America: Civil War and his openness about it started conversation among young adults who looked up to Chris as himself, and as Captain America.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, he discussed how red carpet events felt like walking on hot coals for him, it was something he struggled with and had yet to truly master. When it comes to anxiety, even throwing yourself into the situation that makes you anxious isn’t enough sometimes. He takes it all in stride, though, and he’s done a wonderful job with his cast members and friends at his side.

Most mental illness tends to get pushed under a rug or hidden away, especially when it comes to big name celebrities as if it’s something to be ashamed of. Chris being so open about his struggles made other young adults going through the same thing feel like they could push through and still be successful. He’s an inspiration to people for a lot of reasons, but with that confession, he gained a lot of respect on a totally different level.

When it comes to being extremely charitable, funny, and honest; Chris is a man among men and it’s proven more each day that he truly embodies Captain America. He’s a hero both on and off screen and definitely one of our Fan Fest Favorites.

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