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Fan Fest Exclusive: Corey Feldman Talks Goonies 1/2!

Published on June 13th, 2016 | Updated on June 13th, 2016 | By FanFest

With The Goonies celebrating its 31st Anniversary this past week, I was lucky enough to recently sit down with one of the cast members of the now classic film on my podcast The Dave and Creech Show. The cast member in question? Mr. Corey Feldman. Corey was promoting the release of his new single “Go 4 It“, a pop/dub-step infused song featuring guest vocals by Snoop Dogg, when naturally at the end of the interview the conversation turned to one of his most famous roles as Mouth in The Goonies and updates on the status of the long rumored sequel, The Goonies 2.

CJ: Many of your former cast members have stated in previous interviews that they would love to come back for a Goonies 2, how would you like to see the Goonies return?

Corey: Oh Boy!(laughs) You know, Sean Astin and I actually wrote a treatment for the sequel. You know, we got so frustrated, like the rest of the world and we saw Richard Donner on TMZ saying ‘Oh Yeah, we’re working on a sequel!’ and everyone goes crazy from Time Magazine to everywhere(else)! The people go crazy screaming ‘Ahhh! Goonies Sequel!’ , and then nothing happens,right? So we’re sitting here thinking, a year goes by and nothing happens. So i’m calling Dick’s(Richard) office and i’m like,’Dick,are we doing something or are we not? Is this a joke, or for April Fool’s Day, what’s the deal?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, we’re working on it, we just don’t have the writers yet.’ So I replied, “What do you mean you don’t have the writers yet? How do you make an announcement like that without writers!?'(laughs)

“(So Dick)Was like, ‘We’ve got a story. We’ve got something that we really like and are really excited(for), but we’re trying to find the right writers for it. So I went ‘I thought Chris Columbus was writing it?’ and he said, ‘Well, he’s gonna oversee things, but he’s not going to be the main writer’. So, everybody’s waiting for this perfect script, and I think that’s what this is all about. So Sean and I got together and went ‘Look, if they’re trying this hard to find something, we’re both writers so why don’t we write what we think our characters would be doing and the adventures that they could be getting in to at this stage in life? So we gave it our best attempt and got sent home with our walking papers…Dick has talked about it publicly(at a USC speech) and mentioned that we came in with a good pitch and that he really liked it, but that it would have cost ‘like a trillion dollars’ and that was the problem. They said no because it was too expensive! I’m(hearing that and thinking) ‘what do you mean,too expensive? You’re talking about Goonies 2! When you have a movie that grabs the world’s attention, I say spare no expense, but that’s not my wallet.(laughs)


“All I know, is at the end of the day that movie has to be magic. It has to be lightning in a bottle twice. No one can explain why it became sort of like the new Wizard of Oz or Willy Wonka, you know? Nobody knows why that happened. I knew when I was on the set (of Goonies) that this movie would go down in history, but when the movie opened and alot of people don’t remember this, but when the movie came out, it wasn’t like the biggest movie ever. As a matter of fact, it was number 3 for the summer and number 5 for the year. It was number 1 for a couple of weeks(after release) but it wasn’t the giant blockbuster. The giant blockbuster that year was Ghostbusters. Now you look at the legacy of those two films, and go ‘Sure, they just made a (new entry) of Ghostbusters , but they haven’t made a new entry of Goonies.’ A movie like that (Ghostbusters), you didn’t see people growing and saying ‘We used to call each other Venkman’ and whatever the other characters names were. Even with Steven(Spielberg)’s most popular movie in the world (at that time) E.T., you don’t hear fans saying,’ I grew up, and I was Girtie and my little brother was Elliot and we ran around…’ It’s just a different thing. For some reason Goonies captured this part of children’s imagination that even though it wasn’t the biggest movie in its time, in the years since it has gained so much lore and so much nostalgia to it that it became a beast of its own. Now, it’s the most popular family film in the entire Warner Brothers catalogue, which is crazy because they own Wizard of Oz and Willy Wonka.”

Corey finishes off the interview by talking about his thoughts on a potential cartoon sequel of the Goonies instead of a live action one, which can be heard here (Goonies talk starts at 42:31). With this being the second Goonies actor to talk publicly about a potential sequel(Sean Astin has also spoke out recently), do you think that we are nearing an actual Goonies sequel? Furthermore, do you want to see a sequel?  Leave you thoughts in the comments below, and tell us your favorite memories of the Goonies!

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