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Fan Fest ‘Arrowverse’ Experts React to Martin Stein’s Heart-Wrentching Departure

Published on December 1st, 2017 | Updated on December 1st, 2017 | By FanFest

If there is one thing that is for certain about us here at Fan Fest, it is that we all grow attached to our beloved characters. We’ve watched them power through their struggles, fall in love and in some instances even come back from the dead.

This past week, our hearts ached – particularly for those of us who dedicate much of our writing to the Arrowverse.

In this years superhero crossover ‘Crisis on Earth-X’, which aired just a few days ago, we found ourselves saying goodbye to a true hero. Well, I guess he preferred the term ‘legend’.

The death of Professor Martin Stein had to have been one of the most heartbreaking moments that we have ever found ourselves faced with in the Arrowverse, and by far the most painful death. We grew to love the character from his original CW days on The Flash and we became completely attached when he ventured over to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

The internet itself was full of a wave of emotions, as fans of the show mourned Martin’s death with us:


Here at Fan Fest, our Arrowverse experts also have been feeling as though our hearts are just alittle bit heavier this week, given the death of one of our favorite Legends.

Jules: I remember hearing the news that Victor Garber would be leaving the show, so I knew it was only a matter of time before he left. However, it was completely unexpected. A part of me was hoping that he would just leave on his own terms and go home to Lily and Clarissa. Then went I saw him running for that lever, I automatically felt my heart drop knowing what was about to happen. I cried. I won’t even deny it. I cried for awhile. My heart was truly broken, and Jefferson’s final words to Martin and at the funeral completely broken me. It was truly a sad day for the Arrowverse. But he died a hero. A legend.

Alyssa: We knew it was coming. All of the signs were there, but that didn’t make it hurt any less when it did. What got me the most was the interaction between Stein and Jax leading up to it as well as others reacting to the news. The acting was phenomenal and just broke your heart. Stein died in a noble way, doing what he has always done, helping his other family. He will be greatly missed.

Brianna: I was an absolute mess the moment that Stein got shot. From that moment until his goodbye to Jax, the tears didn’t stop. Victor Garber and Franz Drameh did a heartbreakingly wonderful job with their final scene. After seeing the pair deal with their potential futures in the lead up to the Legends of Tomorrow portion of the crossover and having Jax admit to Stein that he was like a father to him, seeing Jax saying goodbye to Stein and Stein telling him that he was his family just brought on all of the tears. I will definitely miss their dynamic on the show.

Joe: I saw it coming since episode 1. I knew he was supposed to leave the show at some point, but and when they introduced the serum, i figured that was it. But the moment the conversation turned to stein being like a father to Jax, I knew he wasn’t going to make it. The emotion was being built up almost too much so it was obvious; but even so, it wasn’t enough to prepare me. The moment hit hard and everything that followed was brilliantly written and acted. Could stein survive if he and Jax were permanently fused? Could he still get his happy ending? I saw it coming but I was a mess.

Shannon (Editor-In-Chief): It’s such a sad loss but he went out a hero and Victor Garber is just the best!


How did Martin Stein’s death affect you? What do you think this means for the Legends team?


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