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My Fan Expo Boston Experience: Jennifer Morrison, Vanessa Marshall, and More!

Published on August 21st, 2019 | Updated on August 21st, 2019 | By FanFest

On the weekend of August 16-18, I attended all three days of Fan Expo Boston 2019! Popular celebrities who attended include Sean Astin, Stephen Amell, and John Travolta. The celebrity lineup can be found here. Fan Expo Boston was very impressive as far as not only the celebrity lineup, but also organization.

On Day 1, I finally met Vanessa Marshall from Star Wars: Rebels in person whom I interviewed last fall!

Fan Expo Boston
Shaun Hood and Vanessa Marshall-Credit: Shaun Hood

Upon meeting Vanessa Marshall, I was fortunate enough to briefly interview her again, in addition acquiring the photo with her. Check out the interview below!

Shaun Hood: Even though Rebels is over, you’ll probably never lose that special connection with fans and fellow cast members. What does it feel like to be a part of something as big as Star Wars where that connection is so strong?

Vanessa Marshall: It is literally a dream come true! I feel so grateful and so lucky. Star Wars has always meant everything to me so to be on the other side of the fandom in terms of the people who are creating it, producing it, writing it, and directing it is an absolute honor. I have formed bonds with these people, we will be family for the rest of our lives!

SH: Is there any part of Hera as a character that you feel will never go away?

My favorite quote of Hera’s is “We have hope!” and in these very strange times in our civilization today, I often hear Hera say “We have hope!” It gives me hope and I think we all need that right now, so that’s one thing that will never go away.

On Day 2, I met Jennifer Morrison, known for portraying Emma Swan from Once Upon A Time on ABC. I purchased a photo op and an autograph. I even told her that I decided to wear my shirt that says “Believe there is good” because of how much Once Upon A Time directly mentions “good vs evil.”

Fan Expo Boston
Shaun Hood and Jennifer Morrison during a photo op-Credit: Shaun Hood

I also took a picture with Aaron Sagers, who moderated a large number of panels throughout the convention.

Fan Expo Boston
Shaun Hood and Aaron Sagers-Credit: Shaun Hood

Throughout the weekend I obviously saw a lot of fans in cosplay. Here are some of my favorites!

I also enjoyed a lot of the artists, such as Chrissie Zullo, Chris Uminga, and Rob Taylor, whom are always a pleasure to chat with.

Vendors that I enjoyed included Chocolate Moonshine selling fudge and Wild Bills selling soda with refillable mugs, and the Human Rights Campaign!

I enjoyed all of Fan Expo Boston 2019, and I highly recommend it as a New England convention.

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