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Fan Art Friday: ‘Star Wars’ – Joy To The Jedi!

Published on December 15th, 2017 | Updated on December 16th, 2017 | By FanFest

Christmas comes a bit early for those of us that celebrate galaxies far, far away as this weekend marks the release of Stars Wars: The Last Jedi. Social media was on fire last night while fans flocked to check out the first showing in theaters. Initial reviews have been favorable and I am looking forward to re-immersing myself into this classic saga. Fan Fest News is happy to share some amazing artwork featuring a fandom we have admired for decades, the force is clearly strong with these artists.

The force awaits.

Star Wars, Rey, Kylo Ren, Luke Skywalker
Artwork: Instagram – vicioussmileart

Rey of hope.

Star Wars, Rey
Source (top left clockwise): Instagram – spayco, 221bxtch, @kajatambor_art@i_emma_artist

Clouded in darkness.

Star Wars, Kylo Ren
Atwork (top left clockwise):Instagram – @michi_shaw, @starjyn, @rougewolf13, @latmb

Facing fear.

Star Wars, Rey, Kylo Ren
Artwork (top left clockwsise): Instagram – @junitaide, @cas_thehalfangel, @junitaide, @cas_thehalfangel

Wisdom revealed.

Star Wars, Luke Skywalker
Artwork (top left clockwise): Instagram – @birgittedraws, @jerhaun, @forcesensitivemedia, @fandomartsharing


Star Wars, Rey, Luke Skywalker
Artwork: Instagram –, @arima_sruff


Star Wars, Rey, bb8
Artwork: Instagram – @space_cabbage, @tazbedevilled

Devoted droids.

Star Wars, bb8, r2d2, c3po
Artwork: Instagram – @kieran_sims17, @kieran_sims17, @shirinscalestattooist


Star Wars, bb8
Artwork (top left clockwise): Instagram – @beeeemdoubleu, @nishaloisart, @disnerdbeth,@thelouisembun


Star Wars, r2d2
Artwork (top left clockwise) Instagram – _@padme_, @italovernizi, @soul11_eleven, @courtneylaurap


Star Wars, c3po
Artwork: Instagram – @jen_livingstone_art, @daydreamerart_est1982


Star Wars, r2d2, c3po, bb8
Artwork: Instagram – @kingbones__

Never forget.

Star Wars, Leia
Artwork: Instagram – @zoeerobison

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