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Fan Art Friday: American Horror Story….A Bit of a ‘Freak Show’ and More!

Published on September 1st, 2017 | Updated on September 1st, 2017 | By FanFest

American Horror Story (AHS). The freakishly disturbing yet classicly elegant mega hit TV show on FX network begins its new season September 15. Fans across the country are eagerly anticipating some monstrous mayhem to cross their screen. For now, let’s pay homage to some spine-chilling characters from seasons past.

The bewitching Fiona (Coven)…

American Horror Story, Coven, Jessica Lange
Artists: Instagram – @anti.normal_, @thirteencuriosities

Alluring ladies (Coven)

America Horror Story, Coven, Taissa Farmiga, Emma Roberts, Lily Rabe
Artwork: Instagram – @ahs_fan_art, @fairytale_tea, @fairytale_tea

Getting a little twisted (Freak Show)…

American Horror Story, Freak Show, Twisty
Artists (to left clockwise): Instagram – @gagegonzalez_art, @electricland_tattoonj, @connordowdall216, @celinka_malinka

Freakish fellowship (Freak Show)…

American Horror Story, Freak Show
Artist: Instagram – @macy_higgins

Mysterious menace (Hotel, Murder House)…

American Horror Story, Evan Peters
Artists (top left clockwise): Instagram – @whoviantardisgirl, @filibaggins_ptx, @ahs_fan_art, @_monsona_

Double trouble (Freak Show)…

America Horror Story, Freak Show, Sarah Paulson
Artist: Instagram – @_aliens_art_

Lovely Liz (Hotel)…

American Horror Story, Hotel, Denis OHare
Artists: Instagram – @fairytale_tea, @purplelizard1984

Gorgeous and gruesome Gaga (Hotel)…

American Horror Story, Hotel, Lady Gaga
Artists: Instagram – @patronsaintofmakeup, @olgamantro, @anemic_royalty_1

Scintillating Sally (Hotel)…

American Horror Story, Hotel, Sarah Paulson
Artists: Instagram – @lace_black64, @dimagrushkivsky


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