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‘Family Matters’ Stars Jaleel White and Darius McCrary Reunite in New Photo

Published on May 1st, 2017 | Updated on May 1st, 2017 | By FanFest

If you grew up in the 90’s, you most likely remember the TGIF line up on ABC.  It was a solid two-hour block of awesome family-friendly comedy featuring shows like Full House, Dinosaurs, Perfect Strangers and, of course, Family Matters.

These shows defined family and childhood in the 90’s and brought families together, every Friday night.  Yes, the shows were a little cheesy but, hey, that was what 90’s family television was all about!  Cheesy or not, those Friday night shows certainly did bring us some truly iconic and legendary characters.  Perhaps the most iconic of those characters was the annoying and nerdy next door neighbor on Family Matters, Steve Urkel.

Since 1989, Steve Urkel’s love for the Winslow family (specifically, his sweetheart crush Laura Winslow) and his desire to constantly be a part of their lives, brought about truly hilarious television moments and, of course, who could forget Urkel’s famous catch phrase, “Did I do that?” Admit it, you just read that phrase in the nasally Urkel tone, didn’t you?

Nothing makes us more nostalgic for those carefree Friday nights than a good, ol’ reunion photo surfacing online.  Thanks to the Instagram account of Darius McCrary (who played Eddie Winslow on the show), we are having all of those tingly nostalgia feelings right now!

McCrary posted a photo recently of himself with Family Matters costar Jaleel White (Urkel) still looking like the best of friends all these years later.  McCrary photo caption is what really gave us all the feels.  He wrote: #real #brotherhood #brothers #who #stand & #band together & truly have each other’s #back #will always #win … in the #end … Thas #family @jaleelwhite #mybro glad #the #real won’t ever #change

Fans were delighted with the reunion photo and are even calling for a reboot of the show!  Hey, it could happen!  With the success of Fuller House, the overwhelming popularity surrounding the Perfect Strangers reunion, the announcement of a Will & Grace reboot and this week’s announcement of a Roseanne reboot, all that’s old is new again and anything is possible!

Check out the awesome “brotherly love” photo from Darius McCrary’s Instagram account below.  Would you watch a Family Matters reunion reboot?


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