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Ezra Miller’s The Flash Should Begin Filming In April

We’ve heard almost nothing about The Flash slim starring Ezra Miller in a long while now. The film is set to expand the DCEU with a new film that will reportedly adapt the Flashpoint storyline. This has all kinds of implications for the DCEU and could even help explain some multiverse aspects later on. We’ve already seen Ezra Miller’s Flash meet Grant Gustin’s, so who knows what else could happen? Now we know that Ezra Miller’s The Flash should begin filming in April.

This project over at Warner Bros has been in development a long time now, just about five years. Adding and shifting dates around has led to a long production on this film. The last big piece of news we got in regards to the film was the return of Ben Affleck’s Batman. Not just him, though, we will also, apparently, get Michael Keaton’s Batman as well. That sounds like one heck of a movie.

Ezra Miller’s The Flash Should Begin Filming In April
Image via Zack Snyder’s Vero Account

The Flash is supposed to start filming this April in the U.K even though they have some pretty severe COVID-19 measures in place. Hopefully, this all turns out to be true, I’m getting awfully sick of movies getting delayed. Recently we’ve seen several films get delayed, including Sony’s Morbius film. Black Widow is still up in the air but so far no official confirmation of a delay has come from Disney. If we’re lucky there will be no more delays for any films.

little else is known about The Flash at this point but once they start filming it’s only a matter of time. I’ll be anticipating that first trailer!

What do you think though? Are you excited for The Flash? Or maybe you’re just excited to see Michael Keaton again. Either way, go ahead and let us know in the comments below!

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