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Explore The Set Of Alien: Covenant With Adam Savage

Published on April 28th, 2017 | Updated on April 28th, 2017 | By FanFest

Alien Day was a celebration full of great surprises. First we had the unveiling of a new official prologue that linked Ridley Scott’s latest film Alien: Covenant to his 2012 Alien prequel Prometheus, then we have the reveal of some super cool upcoming merchandise – including the announcement of a collection of Funko Pop figures.

Within the past month fans have been provided with plenty of teasers in the form of bloody promo images and terrifying trailers that indicate Scott is going back to his original horror days by scaring the s*** out of the audience. Now former Mythbusters co-host Adam Savage is adding to the anticipation by taking us on a tour of the Covenant set, showing us exactly how much detail goes into the set’s structure.

Watch Savage take the exclusive tour of Alien: Covenant’s set below:


Alien: Covenant starring Katherine Waterston, Michael Fassbender and Danny McBride hits cinema’s May 12 (UK) and May 19 (US).

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as seen on promo graphic


as seen on promo graphic