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EXCLUSIVE Preview – Big Foster Rallies the Farrell Boys in ‘Outsiders’ Season 2 Episode 8 – “Healing”

Published on March 13th, 2017 | Updated on March 14th, 2017 | By FanFest

Warning!  SPOILERS AHEAD!  Do NOT climb any further up this mountain if you are not caught up with season 2 of WGN’s Outsiders!

I feel like I say it every week but, just when you think this show can’t get any more wild, a new episode comes along and completely blows us out of the water!  Am I right, Cousins?

This week’s episode is title Healing and, while that title might suggest we are getting a quiet and calm episode, our EXCLUSIVE preview from WGN America certainly says otherwise.  Before we get to that, let’s do a quick recap of last week’s episode.

The quiet town of Blackburg has gotten a rude awakening in many different ways!  First off, Li’l Foster is free!!  But at what cost?  Thanks to a tip from Sheriff Wade Houghton, the Farrells knew exactly where and when Li’l Foster’s transport bus would be passing by.  They overtook the bus and freed their kin but, were they careful enough not to leave any traces that would lead investigators back to Houghton?  There is no way that the Farrells are not going to be prime suspects here.  Not to mention, someone dropped the map that Houghton gave them, specifically showing where the transport bus would be.  This CAN NOT be good!

Ledda, Gordon and the Save Shay group successfully disrupted the annual Coal Days Parade by stopping the entire procession and covering Miss Coal in coal dust.  After Haylie Grimes specifically asked Sheriff Wade Houghton to make sure that nothing went wrong on that day, you can bet there are going major ramifications for him as a result of his sister’s actions and, what’s going to happen when Matt Meyers finds out about this?

Sheriff Houghton is pretty much caught between two worlds; Blackburg and Shay Mountain.  In the town, he’s going to have a lot of explaining to do regarding Coal Days, the botched prison transport and, I’m predicting that dropped map is going to come back to haunt him.  His life in town is about to reach a brand new level of hell.

Up on mountain, even though G’Win told Houghton that the man he’s looking for in connection with Breece’s death (aka Big Foster) is dead, I’m pretty sure Houghton is not totally buying that story.  He’s not going to let his quest to avenge his brother-in-law’s death be put to rest that easily.  Houghton has a battle coming at him from every angle, even from within himself as we’ve seen a focus being drawn to his past problems with drinking and drugs once again.  Can Houghton continue to keep it together and finally find justice for Breece?

And that bring us to Shay Mountain and our exclusive preview.  G’Win is not doing well after she attempted to sacrifice herself for the good of the clan and the cleansing of the mountain.  Farrell medicines are not working and Big Foster says she needs something stronger.  With Hasil about to head back down to Sally Ann, Big Foster decides that he wants to go with him in order to get supplies.  Not everyone is keen to this idea and Big Foster has to do some “convincing” to rally up the Farrell Troops.  All I can say is, poor Phil’Up!

Check out our EXCLUSIVE clip below to see how it all goes down.

For our full recap of last week’s episode Home for Supper, click HERE.  Be sure to tune in to Outsiders on Tuesdays at 9pm EST on WGN America and to check back here at Fan Fest News for full recaps and previews each week.

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Photos and Media: WGN America

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