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Everything, Everything is the Love Story you Didn’t Know you Needed

Published on May 24th, 2017 | Updated on May 24th, 2017 | By FanFest

Sometimes, you need to see a film that inspires something within you – be it love and romance, confidence and strength, passion and drive, or a little bit of each. There are more ways to fall in love with life and find pieces of yourself now than there ever were before when it comes to television, music, and film. Artists, writers, actors, and musicians want to you to relate to their stories, to their passions, and they want you to take something away when you’re done watching, listening, or reading.

That’s not to say that there’s no place for fun in entertainment – not everything has to have a deeper purpose. Sometimes part of being happy is simply laughing.  There’s a place for action and horror and sci-fi; for everything, but the sentimental movies as of late are really hitting home with people who want a little bit of good to believe in.

One film lately that exceeded expectations and both inspired you to be strong and fight for your life at the same time that it made you believe in big love was Everything, Everything.

The film was in the media for showing a diverse young couple as the on-screen love interests but also because it wasn’t exactly your run of the mill love story. You sort of anticipate a couple on screen, meeting by chance, overcoming some great obstacle, spending time apart, and then coming back together. At least, with most romance movies. This one did have its great obstacle, but in ways you wouldn’t first imagine.

At first, some may wonder how you can fall in love when it seems like the odds are stacked against you, but you don’t get to pick love; it finds you. Olly and Maddy learn that from the moment their paths cross. There’s something bigger drawing them to one another and when they’re finally able to meet in person, the attraction only grows stronger.

If you’ve managed to miss the previews, Maddy is sick, so sick that she’s forbidden to leave her home. So they communicate through texts and sit at their respective windows, reading lips and giving one another puppy love eyes. It’s actually one of the sweetest things. They genuinely fall for one another for who they are, and even for the things they aren’t, before anything else.

The declarations of love are everything from perfectly worded texts to notes on paper read across the way and even a window decorated with photos of beaches; where Olly tells Maddy that every ocean deserves to be seen by her.  Can we have an Olly?

The more Maddy sees of life, thanks to Olly, the more she begins to wonder ‘what if’. When Maddy begins to question her life, she realizes she has to take a chance and a big one at that. So she leaves her house and takes Olly to Hawaii; their time is magical, she feels like she’s living, she feels what love is and how it exists within her.

Their time also brings a question back to her mind, and when she gets ill on the trip, it’s cut short and she tries to cut Olly out of her life. The big moment comes where it seems like it’s actually happened, but Maddy has another revelation, and she realizes that the excitement and life she had with Olly is better than a life where things are guaranteed safe, but monotanous.

The film has a happy ending, and if we haven’t given too much of it away by now, a twist as well. We recommend seeing it for yourself, though. There are a lot of little moments that stand out far after you’ve left the theater and if you want to believe in love again, this one will do it. Even if it’s the kind of love that we often give up on as we grow older.

I was happy before I met him. But I’m alive now, and those are not the same thing.

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