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Ethan Embry Talks Battle with Opiate Addiction

Published on May 16th, 2017 | Updated on May 15th, 2017 | By FanFest

Ethan Embry celebrated a special anniversary this year and he shared it with not just friends and family, but fans and anyone else who may be going through the same thing that he’s experienced in his past.

This year marks Ethan’s six year anniversary of overcoming his Opiate addiction and he is speaking out for addicts and those in recovery everywhere.

In addition to those tweets, he discussed minimums sentences for low-level drug possession and on top of that, he shared his own story with addiction. In sharing his story, he was honest with other people who are struggling. He said it doesn’t get easier overnight, it’ll be hard but that in getting off of drugs, there’s an end. It’s not the same painful, repetitive, and harmful cycle.

Returning to mandatory minimum sentences for low-level drug possession starts today. It doesn’t need congress. No debate. It’s already law.

I was stuck in a cycle of running through a subutex script and smoking tar for about two straight years. 6 years ago today I started my kick, If you are strung out on opiates and want to stop but the fear of the kick is keeping you from it- I won’t lie it fucking sucks. But unlike the cycle you are in right now, there is an end in sight. Find someone you can trust to walk you through it and get tough. My DM’s are open if you need any help getting through the kick. There are little tricks that helped get me lessen the pain. Life won’t get any easier for us when we sober up. But I do promise you’ll be better at dealing with what comes at you clean.

Ethan also opened his messages for fans who need help of their own and says that he’ll offer that to them. He went above and beyond just sharing his story; he’s trying to share the message of hope and a better future, even with the hard days.

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