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Emma Roberts Makes Twitter Go Crazy Over Playing Nice

Published on September 22nd, 2019 | Updated on September 22nd, 2019 | By FanFest

Most of the time when we see celebrities trending now we think the worst. The celebrity has passed on, they are in the hospital, or something bad has occurred. However, in this case, the people of Twitter have spoken. The generalized conclusion after the premiere of AHS: 1984 is simple. Emma Roberts not playing the mean girl is strange.  Brooke Thompson is nice! Some viewers seemed shocked while some fans seemed angry. Some remember her playing nice before she was the mean girl and some people appeared simply sad by this revelation. One thing is certain though, considering the reaction Emma Roberts has certainly been typecast in Hollywood.

Between her collective characters on previous seasons of American Horror Story, Scream Queens, and Scream 4, Roberts has become known for playing the character we love to hate. Eventually, despite her villainous tendencies we still find ourselves clamoring for more. Her fans want to know just how far her characters will go. On AHS: 1984 her fans are left wondering when that killer instinct is going to come into action. Instead, we watched her run through the forest, tripping over the invisible matter from the fear Mr. Jingles generated deep within her soul.

As a result there were many mixed reactions for the premiere of AHS: 1984.  The strange part is they all surrounded Roberts character this year.

For instance, most viewers were shocked by the lack of evilness buried deep inside Brooke Thomspon.

The Confused

While many viewers were shocked by these revelations, some Emma Roberts fans have reminded us of the following.

The Shocked

Then again, some viewers were downright sad and angry.

The Sad and Angry

Ultimately, Ryan Murphy is setting up Brooke Thompson to become this season’s final girl.  However, I do agree with this twitter below. The best twist would make viewers believe Brooke is the girl to have her betray everyone in the end.  By having Brooke in on the death and destruction in the end the final girl could be forever changed.

Regardless of where Brooke ends up this season, one thing is certain.  Most of us cannot deal with her playing nice.  By the end of this season, Brooke will stand out as one of the best characters this season.  Roberts’ performance this year will go down in American Horror Story history.  I cannot wait to see how Brooke’s story unfold.  I am also pleased to see Roberts playing against the type she has become known for within the genre.

In any event, viewers will need to tune into AHS: 1984 Wednesdays at 10 pm EST to find out the fate of Brooke and her fellow counselors this season.

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