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Elizabeth Olsen Isn’t In Trouble For Supporting Scarlett Johansson Is She!? We Hope Not!

Published on August 24th, 2021 | Updated on August 28th, 2021 | By FanFest

By now you’ve no doubt heard that Scarlett Johansson is suing Disney. This is unfortunate for a number of reasons, and also probably means we won’t see Johansson returning to the MCU ever. Her character was dead, of course, but y’know… anything can happen. Now fans are wondering… will Elizabeth Olsen get fired for supporting Scarlet Johansson’s lawsuit?

We hope not!

The house of mouse isn’t usually keen on people standing against them. It would be incredibly short-sighted of Disney to do anything against Elizabeth Olsen though. Especially since she is set to return to the MCU with Doctor Strange And The Multiverse Of Madness.

No, even though they might not be impressed with Olsen, something we can’t even confirm unless Disney explicitly states it, they most likely wouldn’t do anything. You have to give Olsen props for supporting her costar and friend, though. The thought of Disney retaliating must have crossed her mind, too.

The legal battle seems to be moving along too. The most recent news we’ve heard is that Disney wants to take it behind closed doors. It seems as though Disney doesn’t want this thing dragged out in front of the public.

We haven’t heard any word on if Johansson is going to agree to take this behind closed doors. If she did, it could, perhaps, lead to a settlement being reached faster. At any rate, it would almost certainly be better than the childish name-calling both sides have been doing thus far.

This lawsuit is probably going to set the precedent on these releases happening on the same day as theatrical releases. In fact, this lawsuit could set the tone for the rest of Hollywood while the pandemic is still going on.

So in conclusion… will Elizabeth Olsen get fired for supporting the Scarlett Johansson lawsuit? It’s really doubtful, but it’s obvious she has a lot of supportive fans who were worried about her!

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