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Edge of Tomorrow 2: Christopher McQuarrie Teases “Really Cool” Sequel

Published on June 21st, 2023 | Updated on June 21st, 2023 | By FanFest

Paramount Pictures is preparing for the release of the upcoming addition to the Mission: Impossible series, and initial feedback on the film has been overwhelmingly positive. Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One had its grand premiere in Rome, Italy, where exciting details were unveiled on the red carpet. attended the event and had the opportunity to speak with director Christopher McQuarrie about the possibility of a sequel to another Tom Cruise movie. During the conversation, McQuarrie disclosed that they have an intriguing concept for Edge of Tomorrow 2, although its realization remains uncertain.

“I don’t know,” McQuarrie shared. “We had such a fascinating idea for a sequel. I would have loved to witness its realization. However, numerous factors need to align perfectly. It’s quite a challenging endeavor.”

Director Doug Liman had previously confirmed with Collider that if he could secure the commitment of Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt for the Edge of Tomorrow sequel and synchronize their schedules, the project would progress swiftly.

Edge of Tomorrow 2: Christopher McQuarrie Teases "Really Cool" Sequel

“It’s one of those situations where, if Tom, Emily, and I were to say, ‘We’re ready to proceed with this script,’ with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt on board, the film would materialize,” Liman recently revealed. “That’s essentially how things work in Hollywood. The stars hold the key. If you can secure the participation of Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, the movie will happen.”

Liman further acknowledged that while he has great enthusiasm for the sequel, there isn’t a finished script for Edge of Tomorrow 2 yet. However, this obstacle did not impede the production of the original film.

“For [the first movie], we didn’t have a script when we started shooting. Tom and I often find it amusing that during the pre-production phase, we’d say to ourselves, ‘There’s nothing quite like an impending start date for filming to apply pressure and ensure the script is polished,'” the filmmaker confessed. “And while we were shooting the movie, we’d say to ourselves, ‘There’s nothing quite like an impending wrap date to really push us to finalize the script.’ Then, during the editing process, we’d say, ‘There’s nothing quite like an impending release date to compel us to perfect the script.’ These are grand, imaginative films.”

What are your thoughts on Christopher McQuarrie’s remarks?

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