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Echoes: Review of Michelle Monaghan’s New Netflix Movie

Published on August 23rd, 2022 | Updated on August 23rd, 2022 | By FanFest

Echoes is now available to watch on Netflix.

Netflix’s new hit seven-part mystery thriller offers a double dose of Michelle Monaghan, star of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, True Detective and the Mission: Impossible film franchise.

Echoes sees her play sisters Leni and Gina McCleary. The sisters are twins, and they have always kept secrets from each other. But when Leni goes missing, Echoes knows that their secrets might be exposed.

When Gina, who lives in Hollywood, can’t reach her rural sister for help on a project, she starts to worry.

Echoes: Review of Michelle Monaghan's New Netflix Movie

As 36 hours go by, Gina starts to worry that something bad has happened to Leni. Leni’s voice-mail is never full, which is strange. Gina also can’t shake the feeling that something bad has happened. When she finally contacts Leni’s husband Jack, he confirms that their stables have been broken into and both Leni and her favorite horse are missing.

Michelle Monaghan is good at making her movies seem real. She makes them seem like they could happen to anyone. Her newest movie, Echoes, is one of her best yet.

Leni is not happy when she arrives at Mt Echo in Virginia. She is not impressed by what she finds there. There is a babysitter who lives with Jack and a law enforcement group who have not looked for the person very hard. As she talks to the sheriff, Louise Floss (Karen Robinson), Leni gets the feeling that they feel sorry for her.

“No, what’s hard, is my sister is missing, it’s almost dark and no one seems to be looking for her. This small town police work at its finest.”

Echoes is not a very subtle movie. It has a lot of sound and the plot is not very realistic.

Worse yet, both Jack and her father Victor (Michael O’Neill) seem to be hiding something from her.

Gina tells her husband she needs a few more days to figure things out. Then she goes to visit an old place they used to go to together. While she doesn’t find any answers there, it does make the mystery more confusing for us. Leni hasn’t been honest with anyone, including us, it seems.

Echoes is not a very subtle show. It has a lot of sound and the plot is not very complicated. The characters are not very complicated either. They just have simple motives that are easy to understand. The creator of the show, Vanessa Gazy, also made a show called Eden that is similar to Echoes.

Monaghan is a great actress and she was perfect for this movie. She has done well in other movies like Source Code and Eagle Eye. She knows how to make the story interesting even when it doesn’t seem like it is going to work.



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