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Black Adam: Dawyne Johnson Arrives In Atlanta For Filming

Dwayne Johnson arrives in Atlanta to start filming the Black Adam film! It wasn’t too long after photography started that the actor was spotted arriving in the area! This is really exciting news for all the people looking forward to The Black Adam film! This film will be very different from other DCEU properties, and with Dwayne Johnson as the lead, the film has huge potential. We’ve only seen concept art thus far but with filming about to begin odds are we’ll see a costume soon. I can’t wait to see The Rock in full Black Adam gear! The press is bound to snap a photo, even if they have to sneak on set to do it. You know how they are.


History in the making, extremely excited, and what a humbling moment to share with you. Officially kicking off Day 1 of filming our Black Adam,” Johnson posted to his Instagram before praising the rest of the people making the film. This includes director Jaume Collet-Serra and Academy Award-nominated cinematographer Lawrence Sher. He says the team is “incredibly talented, galvanized, committed and focused to raise the bar and deliver something SPECIAL for the world. This one is an honor.”

The photo of Johnson arriving in the area is below.

Black Adam: Dawyne Johnson Arrives In Atlanta For Filming


Hiram Garcia, the producer of Black Adam, spoke to in march with an update on the film. “Obviously, you know how passionate we are about this project. This is very special to us, and you know, not only Black Adam, but JSA, and all these characters we’re introducing to the world and, what we want to do with it, we’re just… Look, we were supposed to have been filming last year. COVID, like it delayed everyone, it kinda got in the way, but we’re happy we’re able to pause, regroup, and now we’re going to be getting going, and by April we’ll be shooting and on track to bring this thing home.The guy’s a walking superhero right, and if there was ever anyone born to play a character, it’s him.We’ve been developing Black Adam who knows how many… I feel like it’s been close to like a decade at this point we’ve been talking about this and on it and you see him in that and you’re like, ‘That’s him, that’s why we’ve been waiting, that’s why we’ve been working so hard to make this happen.’ This guy is Black Adam and he is going to change the DC Universe buddy. He’s gonna change that thing.

How excited are you for Black Adam? Are you excited to see The Rock join the DC Universe? Dwayne Johnson arrives in Atlanta


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