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During a Beach Boys Performance, John Stamos Graciously Welcomed his Son, Billy Onstage to Practice Guitar

Published on March 14th, 2023 | Updated on March 14th, 2023 | By FanFest

John Stamos made sure his latest concert was a special event for the whole family.

John Stamos, the beloved “Full House” star, invited his 4-year-old son Billy to join him onstage and share his skills on guitar while touring with the Beach Boys.

Stamos shared an adorable photo of him and Billy on stage with the caption “Mi Corazon,” which translates to “my heart” in Spanish. Billy is seen grinning while plucking away at strings on Stamos’ guitar, as he stands behind him tenderly embracing his arm whilst singing into the microphone.

Since the 1980s, Stamos has been taking the stage with The Beach Boys. He shared on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” in 2021 that he initially joined them after a group of girls recognized him while he was hiding backstage at one of their concerts.

John Stamos, the iconic Full House star, shares his family’s holiday celebrations and plans for Christmas with his son and wife.

“The show was over; they were still going to do the encore,” he told Clarkson. “And these cheerleaders chased me [backstage] and [band co-founder] Mike Love turns to my friend and says, ‘Who’s that?’ And he says, ‘That’s John Stamos. He’s on “General Hospital” and always has girls chasing him.’ And Mike Love, without missing a beat, says, ‘Get him onstage.'”



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Since 1986, he has been gracing the stage with his performances of “Barbara Ann,” and the band even made a cameo on an episode of “Full House” in that same decade. For 34 years now, they have continued to reunite periodically for electrifying shows.

In April 2018, John Stamos and his wife Caitlin McHugh Stamos welcomed their little one into the world. The actor has expressed how grateful he is for his son’s presence in his life as it allows him to relive those unforgettable days of being Uncle Jesse!

“I’ll catch them, [Billy and the nanny], watching ‘Full House’ sometimes,” Stamos told Us Weekly in September 2022. “I’ll come home [and say], ‘What are you guys doing?’ and [he says], ‘Oh, nothing.'”

In reality, Stamos’ son is a huge fan of “Full House” that he actually parrots the iconic catchphrase Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen‘s character Michelle Tanner says.

“He just did it a couple days ago, [he] was like, ‘You got it, dude!'” the actor said.

The actor’s latest venture was two captivating seasons on the Disney+ comedy-drama series “Big Shot,” where he portrayed a former college basketball coach whose fiery temper cost him his job. Due to circumstances, he is then compelled to take up an opportunity at an elite all-girls private school with a less than noteworthy basketball team.

In October 2022, Stamos spoke to People about his character and mentioned that it was refreshing to portray somebody so emotionally aware and not afraid of expressing vulnerability. Acting on the show has challenged him to open up more in emotional scenes, particularly those involving his daughter.

“I want to, I like to, dive into those themes,” he told People. “It’s not about the big things anymore for me. It’s about the moments, the microtransaction.”

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