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‘DuckTales’ Un-Plucked – Episode #14: “Jaw$!”

Published on June 19th, 2018 | Updated on August 15th, 2018 | By FanFest

One of my favorite things about the new Ducktales series – besides the character development, humor and countless attention to honoring the originals series/ comics – is how there are so many storylines that are woven through each season. Maybe you want to know what happened to Dela duck – the boys’ mothers. Maybe you want to see the creation and adventures of Gizmoduck. Or maybe you just want a fun adventure tale!

Well this week we returned to one of the most mysterious and magical of storylines, Lena and her relationship to Magica De Spell. Who’s side is Lena really on? What is Magica’s goal *cough* Number One Dime *cough cough*

Well this episode gave us a lot of answers as well as some fun hints into a potential history between Scrooge and Magica – which was a thing in previous adaptations. So pull up your DVRs – or just click on the link below – and let’s get ready to take a Closer Look at Ducktales (2017) Episode 14, “Jaw$!”


All About Lena – Allegiance, Power & Burden:

The main allure of this week – besides the Massive Magical Money-Bin Megalodon – was getting to learn more about the mysterious Lena and her true motivations. And in classic Ducktales fashion, the writers did a great job of making her a compelling character with believable motivations. We used to wonder what Lena’s big plan was and why she’d be helping her Aunt Magica considering all the stuff she’s said about ‘hating family’. Well now we have an answer.

Lena isn’t working for Magica but rather being controlled BY Magica. This means that back in her first appearance in Episode 04, when she said “Aunt Magica, I’m in”, she’s not saying “Count me in on your plan” because she doesn’t actually have the freedom to choose. Instead, “I’m in” was meant to mean “I have a way in to the McDuck Household”, which all in all was a wonderfully crafted surprise/ red herring. There’s a lot more to this story, and we see her that she truly does cherish her friendship with Webby. In fact, it even appears as though her friendship with Webby has the potential to cause its own magic (ie: her red aura changing blue). We still need more info, but Lena wasn’t the only person we got a glimpse into this episode.

Credit: Disney

A Messy Breakup? – Evidence of Scrooge & Magica’s Past Romance:

Scrooge’s role this episode was primarily dealing with the vulture of a reporter Rachel Featherly and then feeling sorry for him as we saw so many of his villains making off with his money. Though there were two little exchanges that actually gave a glimpse into what could be a romantic/ tumultuous history between him and Magica de Spell.

  • “They’d turn on you in an instant if they knew what you really are” (Magica)
  • “Scrooge hates magic.” (Webby)

It’s very subtle and I might be reading too much into it, but the delivery/ animation for the first of these lines was a little too perfect. Sure on a primary level it could serve as a warning/ potential foreshadow for Lena; but the way Magica was drawn and the delivery of that line makes it sound as though she’s speaking from experience. Like she has firsthand knowledge of the McDuck family turning on someone. Add in Webby’s random comment about how Scrooge – adventurer extraordinaire – “HATES magic”, and an interesting thought came to mind.

Since Scrooge and Magica have had an implied ‘history’/ attraction in past adaptations, what if it’s more direct here? What if Scrooge and Magica did used to date and enjoy each other’s company. But maybe one day, Magica wanted to use Scrooge’s lucky dime to make their lives even easier – or perhaps it was Magica’s family who put her up to it and caused a huge misunderstanding (the De Spell family has also played a role in past adaptations). This led to a messy breakup, both parties hurt and feeling betrayed. Hell, Scrooge and Magica could have been the Romeo and Juliet of the so called “centuries old blood feud” but ultimately turned on each other because of said interference – thus strengthening the feud.

Who knows what’s going to happen, but I hope I’m right because this could be a wonderful story to let play out. And if I am right…. Hey, Ducktales Writers Room… think I can get a tour of the studio? 😉

Things That “Quacked” Us Up – Easter Eggs, Quotes & More:

  • YES!!!!! They’re really keeping the lore intact as we get confirmation that Aunt Magica is indeed trying to get close to Scrooge’s Number One Dime.
  • I love the Mrs Beakley uses a squirt bottle to punish Scrooge
  • The shark is called Tiffany. The Maswsive Magical Money-Bin Megalodon Monster is named Tiffany!
  • Wow, they are really trying to get Scrooge’s goat with those ‘what part of Ireland are you from’ comments. He’s Scottish FYI….
  • Favorite Quotes:
    • “All money goes to the bin” / “Not next of kin…” (Scrooge/ Louie)
    • “Can you at least try to care about our centuries old blood feud” (Magica)
    • “My best friend Dewey is in trouble… I can feel it” (Launchpad)
    • “When you forced Medusa to take a good hard look at herself in the mirror, it changed me” / “and her…into stone” (Featherly/ Scrooge)
    • “We’re friends you beautiful idiot. I don’t care what you did!” (Webby)

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