Dragon Quest XII Announced But We Don’t Know For What Consoles!

Dragon Quest XII was announced yesterday, but we don’t know what systems it’s coming out on. We can definitely make some educated guesses, but nothing for sure. We’re confident in predicting it’s coming to PS5/Xbox One and possibly PC.

In the teaser, the “XII” logo was on fire with a voice saying in Japanese, “Why do people live?” The game’s full title is Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate.

The creator of Dragon Quest, Yuji Horii, was there since it was an event celebrating the 35th Dragon Quest anniversary. He spoke a little about the game but didn’t reveal very much. That’s to be expected since the game is quite a ways out, most likely.

Yuji Horii said that the player would be able to make choices that would affect how their character lives. They’ll be changing the command battle system in this upcoming title too. Not enough to make DQ players uncomfortable though, so says the creator.

Even though it was nice to get the small bit of information we did, we’re still missing so much. Horri wouldn’t reveal anything close to a release date. He also didn’t say what platforms to expect Dragon Quest XII on.

The teaser also gave the appearance that this would be a more serious-toned Dragon Quest. The teaser, short as it is, gives the appearance that the game will be darker. In fact, Horii said, “You could perhaps say it’s a Dragon Quest aimed at adults.”

It might be interesting to see a Dragon Quest aimed at adults. The games aren’t necessarily children’s games, but they certainly do have something of a light-hearted tone, which easily separates them from Final Fantasy.

Regardless of what happens, we’ll be looking forward to this twelfth entry in the Dragon Quest series. Especially since Dragon Quest XI was pretty amazing.


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