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“Donnie Darko” Director Talks Possible Sequel

Published on January 27th, 2017 | Updated on January 30th, 2017 | By FanFest

Gyllenhaal and Jena Malone in Donnie Darko. (Courtesy of Gizmodo)

Apparently, in Hollywood, there is no statute of limitations on when a sequel could be made. The most recent film to receive sequel buzz is the 2001 cult-favorite Donnie Darko. The psychological thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal was directed by Richard Kelly, who told HMV there’s a chance at another sequel. A sequel to the film, S Darko (directed by Chris Fisher,) was released in 2009 and was a bomb with critics and audiences. Kelly thinks there is room for more exploration of the story.

“I think there’s something much bigger and more ambitious to do in that universe,” he told HMV.  “It’s big and expensive and I think there’s time to get to that.” He says once his next film is complete and released, and funds for a Darko sequel are attainable, he will look at moving forward with the project.

The original film was made on a small budget ($4.5 million, estimated by IMDB,) and had a strong cast including: Drew Barrymore, Patrick Swayze, Seth Rogen, and Maggie Gyllenhaal. It is not known at this time whether any of the original actors would return for the sequel.
The film has received a restoration for it’s 15th anniversary and continues to entertain and puzzle audiences with it’s twisted storyline.

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