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Donate to Cannakids’ Pediatric Patients and you could win signed Norman Reedus merch

Published on January 2nd, 2017 | Updated on January 3rd, 2017 | By FanFest

With the new year upon us, no time seems better than now to put some goodness out into the world in whatever ways we can. There’s something about the blank slate of an entire year that makes it easy to want to give more to create a better environment for everyone. There are charity drives, local shelters, and online fundraising that you can take part in to do your share of changing lives – the opportunities are endless.

Norman Reedus has decided to use his celebrity and social media platform for good in his own attempt to bring some awareness to charity needs, specifically, ones of children who are benefitting from the use of medical cannabis out of California. The organization, Cannakids, has an informative website up that shares Sophie’s Story, the reason the company was founded, and more links on how high-concentrated THC and CBD cannabis oil are helping children and young adults living with cancer, autism, epilepsy, and more.

Tracy Ryan is the founder of Cannakids and also the mother to Sophie Ryan – the sweet little girl who was diagnosed with brain cancer at 8 months and has surpassed medical odds with the help of high-concentrated THC and CBD cannabis oils. Sophie’s story and the other reading material you’ll find on the Cannakids website make it easy to understand why so many people would turn to cannabis oil for treatment but there is a large downside; the cost and the lack of assistance by insurance companies.

This makes life seemingly impossible for the families who are trying so hard to save their children and leaves many in extremely poor financial situations. Cannakids doesn’t just provide assistance in learning about TCH and CBD cannabis oils but helps with fundraising to aid families who turn to the plant for a cure.

For these reasons and then some, Norman paired with the organization to make donating to help prolong and save the lives of children, thus providing more time together and more beautiful memories, even sweeter for anyone who wants to be part of that change. If you donate at least $5 to Cannakids between now and January 11th, you’ll be entered to win one of 10 autographed items from Norman. The items, photo provided from the website, vary from an action figure to a t-shirt and even a blanket. These items will be mailed to the winners chosen from the donations provided.

If you’d like to get involved, please donate to the fundraising page and don’t forget to check out Cannakids homepage and find out more ways to get involved. From fundraising yourself to spreading the word, we can all help make a difference. Thanks, Norman, for proving once again how incredibly kind your heart is.

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