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Dolph Lundgren eyeing ‘Cable’ role in ‘Deadpool 2’

Published on May 13th, 2016 | Updated on May 17th, 2016 | By FanFest

Ever since it was announced in the Deadpool post credit scenes that the sequel would feature ‘Cable’, there have been plenty of ideas about who should play the role of the time-traveling mutant.

To quote ‘Deadpool’ (Ryan Reynolds) himself in the end credit scene:

In the sequel, we’re gonna have Cable. Amazing character. Bionic arm, time travel. We have no idea who we’re gonna cast yet but it could be anybody. Wejust need a big guy with a flat top. Could be Mel Gibson, Dolph Lindgren, Keira Knightley, she’s got range, who knows?”

It’s funny that Dolph Lundgren’s name got thrown around in this scene, because Mr. Lundgren himself has his eye on the role, and has expressed quite an interest.

In an interview with Nerdist, the Punisher star was asked if he saw himself returning to the Marvel universe as a different character, or if he had a favorite character. His response was that there was one character in particular who had caught his attention:

“That’s a good question. I haven’t watched a lot of these superhero movies; for some reason, I don’t know, I’m just busy making films. I did hear in… Deadpool, isn’t there a character named Cable that’s coming? Like, he’s a big guy? I guess I could kick some butt doing that, I suppose. We’ll see.”

I think Dolph would make a pretty interesting Cable. He’s no stranger to the Marvel Universe, and I would find it incredibly entertaining to see him acting alongside Ryan Reynolds.

Would you like to see Dolph take up the role of Cable?

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