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Doctor Who’s Billie Piper Hospitalized with Injury

Billie Piper, star of I Hate Suzie and Doctor Who, was recently hospitalized for a back injury. The star’s injury will reportedly not affect the filming of the BAFTA-winning show’s second season.. Deadline reports the incident took place during a post-filming promotional shoot.

Contrary to previous reports, Piper fell during a Strictly Come Dancing-style sequence that followed filming on season two, after things had ended. This year’s installment will premiere on HBO Max in the fall.

Doctor Who's Billie Piper Hospitalized with Injury

In the series, Piper portrays Suzy Pickles. She was taken to a hospital in the United Kingdom after the accident. During filming for advertising, she fell and injured herself. The first season of the show received three BAFTA nominations, including Best Drama Series and co-star Leila Farzad for Best Supporting Actress.

The series focuses on Pickles, a former teenage pop star and television actress whose phone is hacked, which results in salacious photos of her being released. She struggles to keep her marriage together while also protecting her deaf son as her manager strives to maintain her career afloat.

Piper is a singer and actress who has also appeared in the BBC One sci-fi series Doctor Who as Rose Tyler. She starred in the drama series Secret Diary of a Call Girl, in the Showtime horror series Penny Dreadful, and in the Netflix Original series Collateral.


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