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‘Doctor Who’ Star Claims that their Departure from the Show will ‘Have Fans in Tears’

Published on April 4th, 2022 | Updated on April 4th, 2022 | By FanFest

Mandip Gill, an actress in the BBC’s Doctor Who, has announced that her imminent departure from the show will make viewers cry. Whovians are preparing themselves for Jodie Whittaker leaving the series this year, but it’s important to note that her long-term co-star Yasmin Khan will also be departing the TARDIS at the same time!

While speaking to Radio Times ahead of Who‘s Easter special “Legend of the Sea Devils” landing this month, GilI promised, “there will be a lot of tears when people find out how Yaz is going to exit the show.”

“I think just like me, just like my character, there’ll be a lot of tears,” the actress hinted. “But I loved where it ended up.”

Gill also added that she expects some backlash for Yaz’s exit, but she believes fans will ultimately accept it as the only way her tale may conclude.

“I think it was the right thing. It’s exciting. There’s a lot of emotion. And I think [fans] will be – not pleasantly surprised, but I think they’ll realise that’s exactly where it should be going.”

In terms of the series’ dramatic potential, this is fantastic to hear. For those looking for a satisfying conclusion to the Doctor and Yaz’s budding relationship, it’s less so. Yaz finally acknowledged her love for the Time Lord in January’s New Year special, but the Doctor was unable to do the same.

Whatever happens, it appears that the year’s third and final special, which will be aired during the BBC’s centennial celebrations this summer, will be an unmissable occasion that will bring this era of the Whoniverse to a close in spectacular fashion. But before then, on April 17, we have a lighter-hearted piratical adventure with “Legend of the Sea Devils.”

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