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Doctor Strange 2: Watch as Marvel Teases 10 Days until it Blows Your Mind!

Published on April 26th, 2022 | Updated on April 26th, 2022 | By FanFest

We’re now just ten days away from Doctor Strange’s adventures in the Multiverse of Madness, which will be released on May 6. To get it to full speed and generate heat, Marvel Studios began shoveling coal into the hype engine with a new teaser that features unseen material today.

Check it out:

The most apparent detail is Baron Mordo’s reference to “The Illuminati.” We’ve known for a long time that Marvel‘s hidden society of superhuman intellects will appear in some capacity in this film, though it’s the first time we’ve heard someone name the organization directly.

Fans are eagerly awaiting to learn who will be filling out their statistics in the film. Strange himself was a major figure in the comics, although they appear to be keeping watch on threats to the multiverse in this adaptation. The presence of Patrick Stewart‘s Professor X and a multiversal tale suggest that we may see some recognizable characters, with rumors swirling about who that may be.

We’ll find out soon whether those predictions were correct or not. The social media embargo for the film lifts following the premiere on May 2, with the full review embargo ending at 6 am that day. Expect spoilers to emerge shortly after, so if you want to be surprised in theaters, avoid social media over the week

On May 6, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness arrives in theaters everywhere!

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