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Divorce Reveals ‘Yellowstone’s’ Star, Kevin Costner’s, Extravagant Expenses

Published on June 29th, 2023 | Updated on June 29th, 2023 | By FanFest

New details about Kevin Costner‘s life have emerged amid his divorce, shedding light on his lavish expenditures. According to court documents filed by Costner’s estranged wife, Christine Baumgartner, the 68-year-old actor earned $19,517,064.32 in income before taxes in 2022. This income came from his film and TV projects, rentals, and social security.

However, the paperwork also revealed that Costner’s expenses for the same year amounted to $11,921,543.89, resulting in a net income of just over $7.5 million. A significant portion of his spending went towards maintaining his three properties, which include a home in Santa Barbara, California; a house in Aspen, Colorado; and a third property referred to as the “Beach House.” These properties incurred various costs, such as over $70,000 in gardening fees for the Santa Barbara residence, more than $20,000 for maintenance and repairs, and nearly $200,000 in property taxes.

Divorce Reveals 'Yellowstone's' Star, Kevin Costner's, Extravagant Expenses

Baumgartner filed for divorce from Costner last month, citing irreconcilable differences and requesting joint custody of their three teenage children. In his legal response, Costner also cited irreconcilable differences and sought joint custody.

Costner’s legal team later claimed that Baumgartner had not moved out of their home as required by their prenuptial agreement within 30 days of filing for divorce. The actor alleged that she was using the situation to pressure him into meeting her financial demands. He stated that he had already provided over $1 million for her to find a new place to live and had offered more.

According to a source close to the couple, the demanding nature of Costner’s work schedule played a significant role in the divorce. The insider revealed that Costner was aware of his wife’s unhappiness, as his absence due to filming put a strain on their relationship. The divorce filing reportedly came as an unexpected and unpleasant surprise.

“Christine wants them to spend family time at their Santa Barbara home. During filming, Kevin is not around very much. His absence has been very hard for her,” the source explained. Additionally, the source mentioned that Costner’s intense focus on his passion project, the film “Horizon,” contributed to their rift. Reports suggest that his dedication to the project led to a withdrawal from his popular series “Yellowstone,” which has since been canceled by the Paramount Network.

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