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‘District 9’ Director Neill Blomkamp Starts Fan Fueled Crowdfunding Campaign

Published on April 18th, 2018 | Updated on April 18th, 2018 | By FanFest

Fans are what drive the film and television industry. We are the support system and we are the voice that hopes to be heard. Sometimes it’s frustrating being a fan, because our wants and needs are ignored by major studios more often than not. But, District 9’s Neill Blomkamp hopes to change that by making films directly catered to fans of science fiction and horror.

The other day, Neill’s new studio: Oats Studios launched a crowdfunding campaign in hopes to raise $100 million to film a trilogy of ‘Firebase‘ films. If you haven’t kept up with Oats Studios, do yourself a favor and binge all of the shorts they’ve made. Each short is incredibly unique, cinematic and exactly what the sci-fi/horror genre needs right now.

The Oats Studios crowdfunding campaign states:

We want to build a 21st century studio that is funded directly by fans. The more people online that support us the more content we will put out. We want to create an ecosystem where we are directly fueled by the community. Our goal now is the next FIREBASE film. Help fuel us here. We want to grow and expand, but we need the community’s help. We will create the FIREBASE film tailored to the incoming dollar amount. If we raise $40 dollars we will film a firebase “Cat” video. If we raise $100 million we will shoot a FIREBASE feature trilogy.

As a contributor, you can donate anywhere from $10-$1000; which is tangible for just about everyone…whether it be you give up your weekly coffee at Starbucks or you slow down on the purchase of Solo action figures.

The campaign ends in 30 days, so, as fans we must do everything in our power to support Oats Studios. Even if you snag some Oats merchandise, you’ll be contributing to their future projects. I know I’ll be stocking up on merch as soon as I finish up this article!

Head over to to become a part of something truly amazing, original and fan-focused.

As Fan Fest, a company for fans, by fans…we owe it to Mr. Blomkamp and Oats Studios to run a little contest of your own to support their campaign. For every person that shares this article via Facebook, they will be entered into a contest to win a McFarlane ‘The Walking Dead’ Prize Pack that includes the following:

-a SIGNED brick by Todd McFarlane (comes with COA)
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