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Disney’s ‘Incredibles 2′ Picks up Where the First Film Left off and Will Greatly Expand the Superheroes’ Universe

Published on July 14th, 2017 | Updated on July 14th, 2017 | By FanFest

In the summer of 2018, Disney will be returning to the world of The Incredibles with a brand new animated film that, upon release, will be 14 years in the making.  With such an extensive real-life time gap between the first film and the second film, fans have been wondering what that would mean regarding timing in The Incredibles universe.  Will the sequel be set in real time?  Will it be in the future?  At D23 Expo on Friday, fans were given the answer to that question as well as a special in-progress preview of the upcoming film and some awesome details regarding the plot for the new film.

Pixar chief creative officer John Lasseter and director Brad Bird were on hand for the preview panel along with the cast including Craig T. Nelson (Mr. Incredible), Holly Hunter (Elastigirl), Samuel L. Jackson (Frozone), Sarah Vowell (Violet), and Huck Milner (who will be the new voice of Dash). Lasseter and Bird confirmed that the second film will pick up right where the first film left off.  For those who may have forgotten where the original left off, just as life seemed to be returning to a normal existence, the Parr family encountered The Underminer, a villain who emerged from beneath the city streets to declare war on peace and happiness.  Here’s a refresher:

In addition, Bird confirmed the new film will focus heavily on Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) as the central character while Mr. Incredible/Bob basically becomes a stay-at-home dad.  The first-ever footage from The Incredibles 2 revealed some additional surprises like a first look at the extent of Jack-Jack’s powers!  In the first film, we see that the little guy learned to create some fireball type thing but, as it turns out, he’s so much more than just flames!  In the footage, Mr. Incredible/Bob falls asleep and Jack-Jack sneaks outside where he ends up confronting a feisty raccoon revealing his powers of telekinesis, laser vision and, of course, the fireball.  Mr. Incredible/Bob walks up just in time to see the end of this epic battle and lets out a cheer, “He has powers!”  This is the perfect scene to show that The Incredibles world is about to get much larger.

Bird expanded on that thought and explained to the crowd while showing concept art of the Parr’s new home:

“The whole world of Incredibles 2 is going to be greatly expanded on, all created in the same mid-century modern design as before.  A cross between a dream house and a super lair, secret agent hideout. Water flows throughout the whole building, and it’s made up almost entirely of sharp corners, which is not ideal to have a baby in there. It’s a bit impractical for a family like the Parrs. Baby-proofing this place is a nightmare.”

Bird also explained that, since so much time has passed between the first film and this new film, fans can expect a serious upgrade in animation quality:

“What separates The Incredibles from other superhero films is that it’s fundamentally a story about family — they just happen to have superpowers.  With this new film, we’re excited to jump back into that world. The cool thing about doing this again is that our technology has gotten so much better, we can actually get them closer to how we wanted them to be on the first film.”

Unfortunately, the footage hasn’t been released yet and, since it’s a work in progress, we are not sure that it will be but, we can be certain that the new film is shaping up nicely!  Additionally, Pixar shared an awesome Edna Mode focused mockumentary via twitter today.  Check it out and remember, NO CAPES!

The Incredibles 2 opens in theaters in 3D June 15, 2018.  Are you excited to see The Incredibles 2?  What do you think about Elastigirl becoming the focus of the story?  Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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