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Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Live-Action Tale May Continue with Prequel or Spinoff Films

Published on March 23rd, 2017 | Updated on March 23rd, 2017 | By FanFest

Disney’s live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast is dominating at the box office, breaking all kinds of records, and is well on its way to becoming one of Disney’s most successful films ever.  The numbers are absolutely astonishing with the film bringing in over $170 million just on opening weekend.

Audiences are loving this version and, if you’ve seen the film, it’s easy to see why.  This live-action remake is a rare example of a reboot done right.  The film stays true to the 1991 Disney cartoon but with just the right amount of adjustments and updating which let the film also stand on its own.  The timeless story and beautiful imagery transports the audience into the magical fairytale land while also bringing just the right amount of nostalgia for those of us who hold the original film is such high regards.

When any film is as successful as this one is setting up to be, there is always buzz about further capitalization on the idea.  Beauty and the Beast is already a mega box office hit so, you better believe that this tale as old as time has more story still to be told!

While the natural progression of a story would be to create a sequel depicting the happy, fairytale life of Belle and the former Beast, it would appear that Disney is opting to go a different route.  In an interview with Deadline, Walt Disney Head of Production Sean Bailey discussed that, perhaps, the future of Beauty and the Beast lies within the past of its characters.  Bailey stated that a direct sequel to the film will not be created however, the possibility of a spinoff storyline or a prequel is not out of the question.  Bailey said:

“There are currently no plans for a sequel and the studio — perhaps with ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ as a reminder — won’t try to force one. It will explore possible spinoff and prequel scenarios.”

Part of what makes Disney so great is they learn from their mistakes.  A great film cannot be forced and, at times, an idea needs to evolve generically.  Bailey commented on the fact that, originally, the Beauty and the Beast remake wasn’t even going to be the musical version but, in fact, a dramatic film.  Thanks to allowing time for the film to evolve, that all changed:

“We worked on this for five or six years, and for 18 months to two years, Beauty was a serious dramatic project, and the scripts were written to reflect that. It wasn’t a musical at that time. But we just couldn’t get it to click and it was Alan Horn who championed the idea of owning the Disney of it all. We realized there was a competitive advantage in the songs. What is wrong with making adults feel like kids again?”

Nothing wrong with that, indeed! And if Disney can concoct a prequel or spinoff that will continue to create nostalgic magic, like this live-action remake does so well, the possibilities are endless.

Beauty and the Beast is just the beginning of the live-action remakes coming our way in the near future.  Disney is on course to release at least three more remake films with Dumbo, The Lion King and Mulan.

Have you seen Beauty and the Beast yet?  What did you think of the film?  What do you think of a possible prequel or spinoff developing from the film?  Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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