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Disney Debuts Footage of Live Action ‘Dumbo’, ‘Aladdin’, ‘The Lion King’ During Cinemacon

Published on April 24th, 2018 | Updated on April 24th, 2018 | By FanFest

CinemaCon goers were the lucky ones Tuesday when Disney premiered exclusive footage of several of its upcoming projects. Live actions versions of Aladdin, Dumbo, The Lion King along with one from the Hundred Acre Wood, Christopher Robin are headed our way in 2019, and were teased at the event.

The presentation took place at Casesar’s Palace, where fans were treated to 90 minutes of images, logos and video which even included the entire number of The Circle of Life from The Lion King.

According to con goers, the scene holds true to the 1994 version, which shows Rafiki rubbing fruit juice on Simba’s forehead as he is presented to the Animal Kingdom.

Caleb Williams, Co-Founder of Omega Underground was present at the event and shared several images from it, including this line up of all the official logos.



He also shared this sneak peak at Dumbo, who looks blindingly cute with his big blue eyes and his signature oversized flappy ears. The dark Tim Burton twist is easy to see, as he will be directing. Also starring in Dumbo are Danny DeVito and Michael Keaton.

Although the fans didn’t see any footage of the pachyderm flying, they were granted the logo, this image, and actual film footage which did not include Dumbo.


“We had to hold something back,” Brand new Disney Distribution head, Catherine Taff, told Variety.

They were certainly generous with their gifts, though. Another highlight from the presentation was a glimpse of Aladdin’s new genie, originally made famous by Robin Williams in the 1992 version. Now, he is played by Will Smith. “Is he blue?” fans asked. Caleb Williams confirmed via his Twitter that he is actually not blue, but will be wearing blue clothing.

Aladdin will hit theaters in May 2019.

Lastly, the audience got an even deeper look into the upcoming Christopher Robin. Williams confirmed on his Twitter that Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore all look amazing. You may have seen the first trailer released last month-not from The Hundred Acre Wood but from the city-where a grown Christopher Robin now resides. In it, we only got a glimpse of classic Pooh, played by Jim Cummings. He tugged hard on our heartstrings and the rest of the characters must be just as precious.

Are you getting excited for these gorgeous remakes?


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